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DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION to Incorporate New Game Modes!


Dragon Age: Origins flirted with the idea of strategy for an action-oriented role-playing game teaming with Darkspawn. Dragon Age II was tremendously different. The latter essentially went back to being a conventional hack-and-slash RPG – the combat system of DA II was truthfully even more brutally satisfying than Origins, but without the core elements of strategy and ‘pause planning,’ the game had seemingly lost its luster and play structure.

Hyper Magazine recently had the luxury to preview Dragon Age: Inquisition, the much-awaited sequel to both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragons Age II, and the packaging of the game, based from what the writer had pieced together, is mechanized to cater to both strategist and button brutes.

Dave Kozicki of Hyper wrote that:

“At any point in battle you can enter tactical view. This essentially pauses the action and allows you to micromanage your party, placing them in attack positions, getting them to guard areas, move to position and assault what you want, when you want.”

The tactical foundation of Inquisition can be generally left for granted in Easy or Normal mode. All those who have gotten themselves comfortable in Dragon Age’s combat wheel can easily win by pressing a few action buttons here and there. Companions, AI-controlled friends that the Inquisitor (that’s you) will bring in the exploration, will fulfill an integral role once you choose to go tactical with the approach.

Inquisition will encourage players to adapt to battle conditions. Typically boss battles in DA: Inquisition is going to be tougher than its predecessors. Bioware noted that Inquisition’s strategic framework will help players scale and plan their attack by giving them a full view of the battlefield. Pausing the game during a chaotic clash of steel and magic will compose the player to do something rational and keep your Inquisitor and party members alive for the next skirmish.

Your customized Inquisitor is limited to three companions each campaign, all brandishing unique abilities and combat specialties.

Overall, Inquisition’s gameplay preview sounds promising and more engaging than Origins and DA II combined. Bioware’s piece meal information has kept us really intrigued, and it should keep all of us interested.

Image Credit: dragonage.com

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