Posted May 29, 2012 by Tony Tuason in GEEK GIVEAWAY

GEEK GIVEAWAY: 10 tickets to Snow White and The Hunstman Advanced Screening (RUSH!!)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ITS ANOTHER GEEK GIVEAWAY!!! Thanks to our friends at SOLAR-UIP, we now have 10 tickets  for the advanced screening of Snow  White and The Huntsman to give away!

But you have to answer this very hard question, and post it in the comments section below. Well here goes — Who is the girl in the image below, and which character does she play in the movie?

We know this actress isn’t known to smile that much, that’s why we chose this image of her just to throw you a little bit off balance when answering the question haha!

But we hope that you smile big, because we’ll be picking 5 winners for this giveaway. And 1 winner will have 2 tickets, so don’t hesitate to join because you’ll be able to bring someone with you if you win!

NOTE: Please use a your valid/primary email when putting your answers in the comments section below. Winners will be contacted through email. And make sure to check out the GEEK GIVEAWAY section and our FlipGeeks Facebook, because we’ll be announcing the winners tomorrow — WEDNESDAY.



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