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CINEMANILA 2013: Movie Line Up

Cinemanila, the festival, traces its roots to the desire of continuing the legacy of Lino Brocka. In 1974, the great filmmaker created “Cinemanila,” an independent production outfit. With immortal classics like Mortal and Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang, Brocka was able to associate Cinemanila to films that are uniquely Filipino yet able to play to international markets. In turn, Cinemanila the film festival was envisioned to be a nurturing environment for the future of the Filipino film industry. By exposing them to international-caliber films, Cinemanila aimed to rouse the yearning among young and upcoming filmmakers to be more globally competitive and to be optimistic that they too can create world-class films worthy of exhibition abroad.[1]

Ilo-Ilo (Singapore)
(The) Great Beauty (Italy)
(The) Missing Picture (Cambodia)
(The) Search for Weng Weng (Austalia|Philippines)
Stray Dogs (France)
(The) Act of Killing (Denmark)
Suzanne (France)
Transit (Philippines)

Heli (Mexico)
Harmony Lessons (Kazakhstan|Germany)
In Bloom (Georgia)
Neighboring Sounds (Brazil)
Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan (Philippines)
(The) Rocket (Austalia)
(The) Terror, Live (South Korea)
What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love (Indonesia)

9 Summers 10 Autumns (Indonesia)
Almayer’s Folly (Malaysia)
Countdown (Thailand)
Karaoke Girl (Netherlands)
Riddles of My Homecoming (Philippines)
Stepping On The Flying Glass (Indonesia)

Ang Mundo Sa Panahon Ng Bakal by Mes De Guzman
Boogie by Milo Tolentino
Bukas Na Lang Sapagkat Gabi Na by Jet Leyco
How to Disappear Completely by Raya Martin

Coup De Grace by Petersen Vargas
Matwang Dalaga (Old Maid) by Carlo Catu
Mga Eroplanong Papel sa Tag-araw ng Pag-limot (Forgotten Angels on a Paper Plane) by Jaime Habac, Jr.
Pantomina Sa Mga Anyong Ikinubli Ng Alon (Pantomime For Figures Shrouded By Waves) by John Lazam
Ti Panagawid (Homecoming) by Carl Joseph Papa
Tunga (Halved) by Theodore Lozada

101 Years of Eden by Rap Ramirez
50/50 by Mikey Red
Ang Maskot by Chris Costello
Chicharon by Rina Tsou
Eyeball by Thop Nazareno
Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas by Bor Ocampo
Maliw (Soliloquies) by Rob Jara
Panaginip (The Reader of Dreams) by Mateo Ramirez Louit

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