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Scream Awards 2010 Nominees

Spike TV today released the nominees for this year’s Scream Awards. With many categories in this awards event, there are four comic book categories among them.

Within the categories, You will see a diverse selection of the best talents in the comic book industry, as well as in films that were adapted from . And the nominees are:

Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel:
Asterios Polyp
Blackest Night
The Boys
Parker: The Hunter
The Walking Dead

Best Comic Book Writer:
Jason Aaron
Darwyn Cooke
Garth Ennis
Geoff Johns
Robert Kirkman
Mike Mignola

Best Comic Book Artist:
Charlie Adlard
Darwyn Cooke
Fabio Moon
Frank Quitely
Jill Thompson
JH Williams III

Best Comic Book Movie:
Iron Man 2
The Losers

Check out the rest here

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