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Berlin Manalaysay’s COMBATRON to End with a Boom

Combatron is one of the iconic characters that stemmed out of Funny Komiks back in the 90s. It’s definitely one of the biggest strips that had a huge following during the time that Funny Komiks was king of the local comics. It gained meteoric following before it abruptly ended down the road. Now writer Berlin Manalaysay is back to the drawing boards busy finishing the definitive ending for this heavy metal hero.


Flipgeeks got the chance to chat with the Combatron creator in line with the upcoming release of a new Combatron project. Read our short Q&A.

 FLIPGEEKS: What was the inspiration behind doing the ending?

BERLIN MANALAYSAY (BM):  Four answers for that question: (1.) Closure (2.) I want to know the real ending! (3.) I owe it to my readers and to myself and (4.) When you leave something behind. It has to have an ending.

Q: It’s been years since we last saw Combatron, obviously there would be changes sa art style will it be obvious for this ending?

BM: Its the same style. Only more detailed. Im making every page look like a poster. Plus i dont want those whom i’ve influence think that my drawings are now crap compared to theirs. Man you should see the drawings of the kids that use to send me letters. They Awesome!

Q: we’re curious why so long to do THE ending? 

BM: I fell in love with Advertising! Seeing my commercials on tv! I get a kick out of it! But i always knew i’ll go back to finish it myself. The time is right. The story is right. My hand is itching to draw. My brain cant stop thinking about it. And Yes the Friends that keep asking… Like you. It’s loud banging noise you just can’t ignore.


Combatron Exclusive The Fall

Q: What were the biggest challenges you’re facing now that you’re hard at work with the definitive ending?

BM: Trying to convince myself that this is the ending i want. I mustve had 4 to 5 ways on which i can go. My brothers and i are still on a debate like we use to do with the Funny komiks issues. But its definitely a more mature route cause my readers are not kids anymore. Come to think of it… I may change it now… he he he

Q: What are some of your inspirations for Combatron in general?


Dami!!! I loved playing MegaMan when i created him. Naturally super design inspired by the cool video game character. I loved watching Pro Wrestling and a big fan of The Undertaker! That’s when i created Death Metal.

I’m a Voltes 5 kid! So the story is influenced by the classic Anime.


Q: Na Ray Tor asks May possibility po ba na magkaroon ng compilation ng story arcs ng original series na Combatron?

BM: Right now Dayo komiks is doing a reprint.

Q: How do you plan to introduce Combatron to the 21st century kids who were born during the absence of Combatron?

BM: 21st Century kids are different. I dont know. Im doing it for myself and for you guys. If they like it then thats fine by me. I’m not actually targeting them right now. I just want Me to be Happy with what I’m doing. Which is i think…. harder.

Q: Last question, what should we fanboys expect from this Combatron ending?

BM: All the pages will look like a poster. Less small frames. Uber details. Photoshopped coloring. Hope you guys like it. I wont stop till i like it. The story… It has to be a story i love. A story that ends it. And hopefully… worth the wait for more than 10 years.

The Last Combatron Story will be tentatively out for Komikon according to Berlin.  :)

Earl Maghirang