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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Big Foot – Sword of the Earthman (Issues 1-4)

Big Foot – Sword of the Earthman (Issues 1-4)

Publisher: Brew House Comics
Writer: Josh Henaman
Artist: Andy Taylor
Colorist: Thomas Bonvillain

Big Foot: Sword of the Earthman feels like reading the result of putting John Carter, Devil Dinosaur and Planet Hulk in a blender.  It’s an exciting sci-fi epic that wouldn’t look out of place if it were a summer blockbuster movie and is gorgeous to look at.

The first four issues puts us in the eyes and ears of Castor a self-proclaimed scribe of the Gods as well as a poet and a thief, he makes for a fun point of view character thanks to his wit and greedy nature. It’s through Castor we meet our silent and mysterious lead known only as the “Earthman“. Throughout the story the Earthman never speaks, only letting his actions do his talking. A smart decision by writer Josh Henaman as it allows our protagonist to have an air of mystery to him, remaining unpredictable as the story progresses.

Henaman’s pacing should also be praised. Nothing in the story ever feels rushed or boring, with a decent amount of time spent on both dialogue and action. The fast pace also takes us through different locations allowing Andy Taylor to show off his impressive environments. From prisons, to jungles, deserts and underground lairs they are all lovingly rendered.

Speaking of Andy Taylor his art is great, looking like the love child of Mike Mignola and Walt Simonson.  His Earthman is amazing to behold and even the minor characters look great. There are also some monsters in here that must be seen and his violence is superb.

All four issues are available in the site www.bigfootcomic.com and I highly recommend you purchase them. Because if you can’t enjoy a giant hairy monster crushing the life of racist aliens, than why are you reading comics to begin with?

8.5 out of 10

We would like to thank Josh S. Henaman for supplying us with the comics to review. Josh Henaman is the head of Brew House Comics.


Nicolo Parungo