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Comic book review for Gambit # 1 by James Asmus and Clay Mann.

This new book focuses on the life of Remy LeBeau aka Gambit in between his days as a professor and a team member for Wolverine’s X-Men.

In this new ongoing series we find Gambit assessing his new life. Him still being an adventurer, an X-Man, a sympathetic ex boyfriend to Rogue (who is currently dating Magneto) and a professor. Like I said, it’s in between his time as a faculty member of Logan’s Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Just like the typical Gambit we’ve grown fond of, we see him going back to his old ways not for necessity but instead for thrill.

Yes, the once-rumored “third Summers” brother is a thrill seeker under the good writing skills of James Asmus. I’m rather surprised why they forgot about this aspect of Gambit’s personality and characterization.

The art is lovely and I really hope that Clay Mann stays in the book for as long as possible because it’s really a visual treat to see his art in this book. Whether its a hot woman filled with tats or a secret room filled with mutant killing tech. It’s these small tidbits that makes this such an interesting read.

Another story element that I liked is this whole new “mystery woman’ thing that we’re seeing. We all know how ‘muy simpatiko’ Gambit is so this is just going to be another conquest for him as we also know that Rogue is Gambit’s ‘one true love’. If you think about it, this whole new ongoing shares elements from films like “Mission Impossible” with a touch of “A Thomas Crowne Affair”.

I’m giving this a 9 out of 10.

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Earl Maghirang