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Comic book review for Iron Man # 1 by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land sponsored by Comicx Hub!

In this issue Iron Man finds a new mission in life while at the same time fulfilling his role as an “Avenger”. The book is pretty tight with all the action and the high-tech espionage stuff but it’s still the story of flawed Mr. Stark. Before hitting the middle of the story I was already telling myself that this was going to be one of them point one issues where we get an explanation of what he/she is, what he/she does and what he/she stands for.

I was mistaken (and I’m thankful that I was) when the pace starts to pick up with a familiar character returns to the fold. I was thinking pre-release that nothing can do anything as great as Matt Fraction‘s run on Invincible but I was sorely wrong for that bit because Gillen comes aboard with fresh takes on classic plots and manages to kill off a character that was once important for ole Shellhead. If I have any complaints for Iron Man # 1 it has got to be the art. Greg Land‘s work in this issue ranged from “oh my god my eyes” to “hmmmm interesting”.

The dude retains his trademark use of porn faces and his alleged fondness for tracing but it works to his advantage to some extent because the book needed this Hollywood type of feeling which is instantly provided by Land. Still there were a few panels that looked terrible. And I’m hearing that he’s gone back to actually drawing which is both bad and good.

Gillen was right on the money when he said that this book is going to be about hi-tech stuff going crazy or stolen and its a never ending quest for Stark to police said technology before it ruins the future (which is one of the two things he firmly believes in). Iron Man # 1 is now available at Comicx Hub and Castle Geek.

  Verdict: 8.5/10 This review is powered by Comicx Hub!

Earl Maghirang