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Dark Horse adapts NEIL GAIMAN’s Troll Bridge in Graphic Novel form in 2016!

As announced last week, Dark Horse Books is pleased to offer Troll Bridge, a beautiful graphic novel adaptation of a tale from the mind of master storyteller Neil Gaiman (Sandman), illustrated by artist Colleen Doran (Sandman, Orbiter). 

Troll Bridge

“Getting a chance to adapt this story for Neil has been a great challenge and pleasure. So many of Neil’s stories have been recreated by wonderful artists, I felt challenged to bring a different look and feel to this work,” noted artist Colleen Doran.  “I’ve had many years to think about this tale: I did a very short pen and ink work based on it years ago, but don’t think I really understood or had the tools to get at what Neil meant with the story. Now I think I’ve been able to bring it to life in a very unique way. It’s my best work, no doubt.”

Based on a story originally published in Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions, Troll Bridgeis a tragic coming-of-age fantasy masterpiece. The artwork of the inimitable Colleen Doran makes this book a gorgeous new addition to your Gaiman library.

“She showed me an unusual style that isn’t like classic comics. Her pencils are wonderful, layered full-color drawings. They’re subversive, more like children’s book illustrations from 50 years ago,” said Neil Gaiman in an exclusive interview with Publishers Weekly.

Troll Bridge tells the story of Jack, a young boy whose world was full of ghosts and ghouls, one of which—a ravenous and hideous troll—would haunt him long into manhood. As the beast sups upon a lifetime of Jack’s fear and regret, Jack must find the courage within himself to face the fiend once and for all.

Look for new hardcover editions of Gaiman’s Creatures of the Night and The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch in 2016!

Troll Bridge is in stores September 14, 2016.

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