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FHM event tickets winners (Sexiest Female Characters created)

In conclusion to the contest by National Bookstore in cooperation with Flipgeeks – “Name the sexiest and WIN TIckets to the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011 Party“, below are the chosen entries submitted to us. Congratulations in winning the FHM tickets! (yes all of them are guys!),  you will be contacted by Flipgeeks in the following days.

Stay tuned in Flipgeeks for more frakkin easy-to-win contests!! Enjoy the pics below!!!

BAYONETTA (Video Game)

“I choose Bayonetta as one of sexiest character ever created in video game world.
why? Because Bayonetta is not your typical umbran bitch err, witch.
Aside from practicing magic, she also carries 4 big-ass guns that could give Hellboy
a run for his money.And with uber-long legs that could shame any ramp model,
who wouldn’t want to be bewitched by this b@+ch?” — Leo Vincent Corpuz

MORRIGAN AENSLAND (Darkstalkers – Video Game)

“I think Morrigan Aensland is the sexiest character ever made because physically she’s hot and she’s a very powerful succubus! ” — Jessie Evangelista


“I believe that Vampirella is the sexiest female character ever created. Vampires are already intriguing with their supernatural powers, but having a smoking hot girl like Vampirella as your heroic bloodsucker will get guys’ blood pumping into overdrive and stick their necks out just for her. She can bite me anytime.  ” — Robin Olivares


“I think the #1 sexiest comic character ever created in the universe is JEAN GREY. She is telepathic and very smart, let alone sexy. Being among the original 5 X-Men and being Phoenix makes her really, really, really sexy!” — Sheenah Tan

Scarlett Johansson as BLACK WIDOW (IRON MAN 2 – Movies)

“Maybe the Black Widow character in the comics isn’t that hot. But Scarlett Jo as this female fatale,
that’s f**king hot. Scarlett with god gifted body as the Black Widow, that’s one of best marketing moves
Marvel has done. Should I say a very genius move? Getting her to play Black Widow attracted the non-
geek guys to watch the geek movies and even made the geek fans drool over Scarlett Jo’s body! And
thank heavens’ she is now divorced to Ryan Reynolds!” — Arvy Trinidad

DARNA (Comics)

“For me Darna is the sexiest character ever created!. Being sexy is not just her asset but also the fact that she is a SUPERHERO! We all admire her for being a strong and brave woman, qualities that we hope all woman should have apart from being Beautiful and Sexy!!” — Arman Geraldino

TIFA LOCKHART (Final Fantasy VII – Video Game)

“For me the sexiest character ever created was Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy VII. She’s an expert in martial arts; Tifa uses her fists and feet as weapons. Besides her role in FFVII, she also has a main role in the animated film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. For me Tifa  shows us an image of stoutness, kindness, optimism and determination.  And other than Tifa’s personality, she is also well known with her large breast and long legs and hair, and always takes on the semblance of a shirt without sleeves, a miniskirt and belt together with snappy teardrop earrings, gloves and shoes which appears a stylish and typical look.” — Serafin Gutierrez Jr.


“With her mental telepathy, she can read my mind and control me..She’ll definitely know my little dirty secrets. Amen.” — Mark Neil Dacillo

FUUKO KIRISAWA (Flame of Recca – TV)

“This young girl simply got the hot stuff (hot wind) with her!
Dare to tease her & braise yourself seeing the power of her Fujin.Plus she’s simply the girl
bad guys always tries to rip clothes off. Also, Fuko’s only a high school student.” — Richmonn Lao


“Psylocke – any crazy man would pick this phat lady. A sexy hot midtoned skin lady wearing a good V-cut like bikini. Who has powers that can slice you to death. The perfect combination of black hair and blue eyes would really drive you nuts once she stares at you. a total orgasmic package.” – Kris Zara

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