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FIRST LOOK: Black Mask’s New Gem – Survival Fetish

Black Mask are excited to bring you the sniper dodging SURVIVAL FETISH #1, from writer Patrick Kindlon (We Can Never Go Home, There’s Nothing There, and singer for Self Defense Family and Drug Church) and artist Antonio Fuso (James Bond)! Survival Fetish is a pulse-pounding thrill-ride that mixes political intrigue with deep characters and high octane action.

Survival Fetish

Downtown Honolulu is a sniper alley, and Saheer runs it better than anyone. He’s a local celebrity for transporting medicine and information across a no-man’s land occupied by militias and street gangs. But what people say about you is never the full story, and when the cheers die out Saheer is left with just his anxieties… and his secrets. The first of a five-issue series that keeps its foot pressed on your adrenal gland.

Survival Fetish #1 hits shelves this week!

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