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!!!UPDATE!!! KOMIKON X: What is Komikon for you?

[!!!UPDATE!!! We’re getting more and more answers from other wonderful people in the local comic book community. Check them out]

This Saturday would be The 10th Annual Philippine Komiks Convention – Komikon 2014. This year is a milestone that should be praised to the organizers of this fine event and be more aware for all Filipinos. Without this event, what would komiks be now? To a decade, they have been advocates and hosts for komiks. The local comic book scene is thriving year after year with new/old talents release new stories that make non-comic book readers into readers and make komiks fans love more and support more. Komiks are here to stay.

Flipgeeks have tried to collect from some individuals in the local comic book community their kind words of appreciation and define – What is Komikon for you?



Rob Cham (Abangan, Sad Comics For Dirty Lovers)
For me, Komikon is this platform to meet fellow creators, find new work, and share what I like doing with other people. I always get excited when it comes around. I get to see old friends I don’t get to see very often, and meet new people, which is great. For 10 years, it’s been this statement that there is a local comics scene and we should celebrate it. It definitely helps give creators something to aspire to. It has its faults here and there, but I wouldn’t want it gone. It’s gotten better every year and I hope it stays that way.

Gerry Alanguilan (Rodski Patotski Ang Dalagang Baby, Elmer, Wasted)
When Komikon was first held, it was almost a novelty. Just something fun to do. I got a table at the very first one, but I actually didn’t even sell anything. As the years went by, Komikon became something else. Something more important, something more significant to comics creators, fans and the Philippine comics industry in general. As more comics creators started making their own comics, the more Komikon grew. A kind of synergy developed where they both fed each off other and help each other grow. I truly believe that Komikon is largely responsible for growing a grassroots industry into something far larger than anyone ever expected. In ten years Komikon has grown spectacularly, and the creators have also developed along with it. These creators are now coming up with just amazing, terrific comics. The previews I have seen of new comics coming out this year has just boggled my mind. It’s so inspiring. I fully expect to be broke before the day is out!

Stephen Segovia (Unity, Superior Carnage)
For me, Komikon is like a fiesta of different pop culture. Its part of Filipino culture already. :)

Noel Pascual (Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents, The Other Half, The Friendzone)
Komikon is this event where the local komiks community, creators and fans of local comics, get together to celebrate our love for the komiks medium.  I haven’t been attending Komikon as long as some of my friends have but I know it’s been a major driving force for the growth of indie komiks in the country. It’s been instrumental in building a community that creates komiks and promotes these komiks to the populace.

Rian Gonzales (Cheesy Fit #2)
(Well, besides getting to take out chickenjoy or yum burger from Jollibee) Komikon is about celebrating weirdness. Weirdness in a very good way! There’s nothing wrong about being weird, in fact, that’s what sets us apart! That introvert classmate back in high school who kept doodling at the back of his notebook and gets scolded for not paying much attention in discussions? Well, he’s built his own world in strokes of color, adapting thousands of things he’s learned in comics and graphic novels to his craft. Well you get to meet him in Komikon, selling zines and prints. You get to see a hint of genius in everything. In Komikon he gets to be who he is, stripped off over-thinking and fear of getting disliked or not being able to fit in. Most of the interesting people I met are attendees and exhibitors in Komikon. For some reason, you’re just going to learn a whole lot from these people and it never gets tiring to listen to somebody who’s been in so many worlds all at once by reading tons of interesting, butt-kicking plots of superheroes and villains to tikbalangs and kapres. It is an avenue of established and up and coming talent. You’re going to be constantly wowed with Pinoy talent and you get to buy from them in person! So yeah, that’s pretty awesome! And hey, get me a extra order of peach mango pie while you’re at it!

Ace Enriquez (Mang Jose: Ang Superhero-ng Naniningil!, Bathala Apokolyps)
Before Komikon, I remember local comic conventions/exhibits were held in gig clubs like Club Dredd. and in some small areas inside a mall. Few knew about those events or even knew that there is still a komik book industry. Then came KOMIKON. and as they say, the rest is history. and still making history.

Paolo Chikiamco (Mythspace)
Komikon has been, for me, a gateway and a community. It’s been a gateway to both fantastical worlds, and to my own heritage — my interest in local mythology was spurred by discovering the works of Arnold Arre, Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. It’s also been a gateway in the sense that Komikon — the things I learned the re and the friends I made — allowed me to transition from comic reader to comic creator. And now that I have work of my own, Komikon has become a community of peers, a happy place that I can return to two or three times a year.

Hub Pacheco (Working In Progress)
Komikon for me is about ideas coming to life. You can practically chart the growth and evolution of Filipino comics over the last ten years with Komikon. And that’s the legacy they’ve given to both creators and readers of local comics.

Gener Pedrina (Sanduguan)
Komikon is the event closest to my heart, because it is the major outlet for my passion which is comic books. It is the reason why I went back to print comics, and also the place where I made a lot of friends, and have a place to belong. As long as I am able, I will attend all Komikon’s in the future!

Joanne Cesario (Kapitan Bayaran)
I was 9 when Komikon started. I had no idea then of what I’d want to be doing X years later. When I finally attended my first Kon it took me about 5 hours to leave the venue even if I barely had enough money for the bus ride home.

Komikon was and always is a happy experience. It is a celebration of all things genuine – comics, people, and everything else in between.

Jonas Diego (The Blurb)
Komikon is where I got interviewed (and landed) my first real big job as Studio Director for Interactive Art Services, Inc. It’s also where fellow Komikeros and I try out new ideas (new comics, webcomics, charity auction, etc.). More importantly, it’s where I go to touch base with other comic book creators (young and old) outside of my drawing board and studio.

JP Palabon (Puso Negro)
Para sa akin, yung Komikon X ay katulad lang din ng mga naunang Komikon dahil each event is special, except masmaraming magagandang books ang lalabas ngayon from different creators, dahil siguro Komikon X. It’s not the event naman siguro ang inaabangan ko, kundi yung mga tao behind the event at nasa event.

Or kung gusto mo ng masmaiksing sagot, “Komikon X is my playground.”

Ruben Nacion (Bennac Cartoons)
Komikon is the comic experience and comic venue for Pinoy creators and their fans.

Dr. Carlo San Jose (Callous Comics)
It is the place to connect with readers, old and new, and to get together with friends in the comic industry. It has been the one event that caters primarily to comics. It is also a great opportunity for new creators to present their work to the reading public.

Emman Centeno (Shiroi Akuma)
Komikon is a day where in I can show my art and share it with other people. And it is also an opportunity to meet and hang out with my fave Pinoy or indie artist so we can chat about comics and anything under the sun.

Allen Geneta (Sharpe)
Komikon for me is the gathering of Philippines best book illustrators in one roof! Always has, and always will!

Wan Paolo Mañanita (Ang Morion,  Mundos Novus)
For me it’s an early Christmas party for comic artists.

Columbia Kho (The Rocker and The Balladeer, Crystal Shadows, Mist, Karma series)
Komikon symbolises my leap of faith. My revival of “KARMA” as an indie started a chain reaction of opportunities to become a published Pinoy Manga Artist. As a mere spectator all those years ago, I never would have even dreamed of being where I am today.

May Komikon continue to grow and help make more dreams come true!

Gilbert Monsanto (Bayan Knights)
KOMIKON to me is…

How do I describe Komikon? The scope of what it is and will be to people inside the Philippine comics industry from it’s very humble start to their upcoming future is just too varied for me to sum up in a few sentences, but for the sake of taking out getting something vast into a very simple perspective, I’ll try.

It was a seed, planted by people who unknowingly or maybe did, started something to grow and transforms into a lot of things. It was a gathering that turned into a place to showcase new titles, people who loves comics but don’t know where to get local works were slowly but effectively informed about this event. The event for all types of comics enthusiasts. May it be collectors of the mainstream down to the very independently made comics, Komikon became the home for something new in the country. It is a series of events not like any other in our country.

Year after year, this event gets new followers and loyal attendees. Each event is different from the last, ever evolving and growing at the same time. If you look back, there were a lot of creators coming in, then some are absent then re-emerges every now and then. We see people from the old komiks as well. It is like a tree that grows through different seasons, changing yet the same, strong and always grounded to its roots. If comics are fruits, you know where to find them. Growing is only the first thing it can do, in the future like in a forest, more seeds will be planted. Not just for the comics of today, but for the futures’.

Carljoe Javier (AbanganThe Kobayashi Maru of Love)|
Komikon is one of the greatest things. It’s a place to get inspired, to catch up with people, and to find some of the most amazing artistic work in the world. For the last ten years it has been the springboard for great comics and it has helped generate consistently great work.

Lady Storykeeper (Dragon Kid, Realm of Dreams, One Floor Up)
For me Komikon has been one of the Comic conventions that I anticipate every year… whether I am there to sell my works or just there to enjoy what the komik world and their artists has to offer. This event keeps on growing even better and they continue to bring both new and old artists and comic enthusiasts together for fun, to mingle and of course to enjoy Komiks both local and international. I once said that in America they have their SAN DIEGO COMICON… well for us its KOMIKON… I pray they continue to grow and very excited what they come up with next

Dark Chapel (Mona Queen of the Babes, Abangan)
Komikon meant everything to me. I can’t thank them enough! Komikon is the institution that shaped and molded who I am today. All my friends, all other art related connections I have and enjoy the company of and any other fame/illusions of fame/grandeur I’m experiencing right now is mainly due to Komikon. This is where it started and by all means (and knock on wood) hopefully I die at the lovely stage at the Bayanihan Center. That way I could’ve finally boasted that I died doing that one thing that I cherished the most…. KOMIKS!

Wow, 10 years! Ambilis no? I was part of that! 8 out of 10 to be exact!

Naabutan kong once a year lang siya. Naabutan kong ang tanging paraan lang para makasali sa tiangge e ang abangan ang announcement nila sa Deviantart. Ah, all those sweet memories of the UP Bahay Ng Alumni. Marvel at it’s stained glass window motifs and spacious interiors. Naabutan ko rin nung nagMegamall ito at yung personal favorite ko , sa STARMALL! Where I experienced my very first sold-out! Masaya yung pakiramdam. Sold-out without selling out!

Then we finally settled at the Bayanihan Center. Moment of epiphany. New home, new beginnings and look at us, we’ve never been better/stronger. Hetong once maliit na community e lumalaki na siya! Maraming youngsters at hindi kailan man natatakot na magkaroon ng exodus sa talent at passion dahil ang Komikon na ang testament nun. Naipagpapatuloy yung bloodline nung mga veterans and that…THAT’S A GOOD THING! Yung thrice a year na event ng mapapamukha nun sayo. Para bang may magprepreach ng gospel ng “Komiks Is Dead” then boom, up yours, b****h!

Komikon is everything! See it, feel it, just don’t miss it!

Andrew Villar (Ambush)
Ambush has been attending Komikon for 6 years. To me, it’s a venue to meet your fans and readers. To meet new friends. To see cute girls. And most importantly a reunion with my comic book family.

For some, it was a day when some people first met their future wives/husband. Or their girlfriends/boyfriends. It is a day when the artists are given importance, tayo ang bida. It is also a day when you are able to share to some peeps your artworks, ideas and stories. It’s Christmas for as comic book artists.

Mel Casipit (Cheesy Fit, Mukat)
A haven for komiks fans and creators.

Joanah Tinio Calingo (Kanto, Inc., Cresci Prophecies)
For me, Komikon is the first all-local komiks marketplace…Where the movers and shakers of the local comic industry meet. It’s become my favorite time of the year when we get to make new stuff for new komiks readers, get to interact with them and other artists. It’s also the place where I can buy new local titles, and see new talent. Every event, comic creators get to show-off their skills, and in a way, challenge each other with great stories and great art.

Nald Tabuzo (The Rocker and The Balladeer, The Reaper)
Komikon is like a pot party that makes comics enthusiasts high. Adik lang ang peg? Yup, addiction na ito. Ilang beses na ‘kong pumunta sa Komikon noon at nangarap din na isang araw, makita ko rin ang mga trabaho ko sa mga binebenta. Sobrang masaya at thankful na natupad ito dahil sa BlackInk. You could check my works at the BlackInk Booth.

Manix Abrera (14, News Hardcore, Kikomachine)
Komikon ay patunay na buhay na buhay at super hardcore na ng Pinoy komiks ngayon!

Mervin Malonzo (Tabi Po, Other Half, The Friendzone)
10 beses na pala ang komikon? Astig! Ngayong taon lang talaga ako nakapagparticipate dahil ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng print version ng books ko. Pero tingin ko nakatulong nang malaki ang sampung taon ng komikon para mabuhay muli ang komiks! Yehey! Mabuhay!

Sino ngayon ang nagsasabi na patay na ang komiks? Wala!

Norby Ela

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