Posted February 16, 2016 by Carlos Alcazaren in Comics

KOMIKS PREVIEW: Gekorr: Suntok sa Kalawakan

Gekorr Print.compressed_001


Story and Art by
Pancho Karambola
Cover by
Pancho Karambola
Published by
Pancho Karambola
Cover Price
PhP 180
Date of Release
February 20, 2016
Other Details
56 pgs., Colored cover with B&W interior

Inspired by Pinoy Teks (trading cards) that were popular during the 90s, the comic book is a compilation of Gekorr individual card comic illustrations. Some Gekorr trading cards were produced prior Komiket event last year (which were not included in the comic book version).

Gekorr: Suntok sa Kalawakan tells of Gekorr, a high ranking military leader, and his efforts in stopping his former friend, Cero from destroying their home planet.


Carlos Alcazaren