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Libreng Komiks crowdfund campaigning P*CHA, E’DI KOMIKS

For-page-annivLibreng KomiksToto Madayag is having a crowdfunding campaign to publish his upcoming comic book compilation, P*Cha, E’di Komiks.

“We’re trying out a crowdfunding type of thing.” said Toto. “We’ll take pre-orders, tapos once the goal of 1,000 pre-orders is met, we go straight to the printer and start shipping orders.”

According to Toto, the first 1,000 people who pre-order the book will receive a freebie pack for helping launch the book. As of writing this, his campaign is 20% funded. Once he reaches the goal of pre-orders, that’s when he’ll announce the books release date.

“There is no definite date of shipping yet,” said Toto. “But we have a target in mind and we’re pushing hard to get as many pre-orders as possible in the least possible time. Once we hit the halfway mark, we might set a deadline so people can feel the urgency of getting this printed. Ako gusto ko na magka-kopya, sobrang tagal na!”

Pucha e di komiks 1

He shared that he wanted to have campaign similar to the Kickstarter campaigns of Lunarbaboon and other webcomic creators that have different tiers of rewards for the supporters. However, he feels it would more manageable sticking to 1,000 pre-orders priced at PhP 300 each with a standard freebie pack.

As for the content of the book, he says that it would contain more than 150  pages of fully-colored comics with 50+ exclusive strips content.

“To encourage people to buy the book (instead of just waiting for me to post free comics online), we put exclusive content in it that won’t be published online. I have permission from FHM to publish the strips I did for them as well.” said Toto.

When asked about the reason behind the title of his book, he answered. “We debated naming it “Bentang Komiks,” in contrast to “Libreng Komiks” para double meaning sana—meaning binebenta na sya and hindi na libre, plus “benta” yung mga jokes. Kaso parang masyadong kine-claim ko naman agad na “benta” yung mga jokes at hindi corny, haha. Nag-a-allow pa rin naman ako sa sarili ko ng konting kakornihan sa comics, so yun. And hindi kasi agad mage-gets ng hindi follower ng page yung “Bentang Komiks” na title pag nakita nya yung libro (target din namin ang non-followers in the future).

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P*cha, E ‘Di Komiks captures the main idea of the comic strips, I think. It doesn’t make any sense, super random lang na title ng book, in-your-face, just like how random and straightforward the subject of the comic strips are.”

To pre-order his book, he accepts Online payments (Paypal) or through bank payments along with other payment options. For more details regarding this, message him on his Facebook page.

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