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What to Do With Your Old Comics

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Comic books are fun. They have great stories, colorful art, and a big collection is just something marvel at. But there comes a time when as a reader and/or collector you eventually outgrow the hobby. You simply just don’t want them anymore, and have moved on to other things. When that happens, you’re probably stuck with a big pile of comics just laying around the house taking up space.

On the other hand, you may still be collecting but you’re starting to run out of room. So what do you do? Flipgeeks is here to give you some tips on what to do with your old comics, or just comics you don’t want anymore.

Sell Your Comics
The most obvious choice is to sell them. But before you sell your comics, keep in mind the hard truth first: most of the comics in your collection are probably worthless. With the way the comic industry workswolverine 1, there will certainly be issues that are considered “filler,” meaning something the publisher put out while the writer is planning for something big. So unless you’ve got a few key issues and some gems in your collection, you’re going to be selling at a loss.

Now, the notion of selling some part of your collection might be daunting to you. However, the internet has helped immensely in getting rid of those little pieces of paper in longboxes. The best place to sell your comics are auction sites like Ebay. Just post an ad, list your price, then wait for a buyer. As an alternative, you can search for Facebook groups or message boards that specifically cater to the buying and selling of comics. Almost everybody has a Facebook account, and this is the easiest way to sell your stuff.

As for prices, you can check out comic price guides like Comic Book Realm. You could also pattern your prices based on how much other sellers are selling theirs. With all that said, you have to remember that a comic’s value is only worth how much people are willing to pay for it.

Give Them Away
If selling is too much of hassle for you, you could always just give them away. Some of the comics you have are guaranteed to sell. However, unless you sell them in bulk or sets, you’re going to get stuck with comics nobody wants. In that case, just give them away.

Giving free comics to other people is a great way to introduce them into the beautiful world of comics. Try giving some to your friends and family. With the recent boom of superhero movies, some are probably interested in reading an issue or two. Also, who doesn’t like free stuff?

In extreme cases, if you’re really desperate, toss them out in the garbage. No judgment here.

Make Some Arts and Crafts
Comic books are works of art. So why not use them to create another form of art? What I mean is.. cut ‘em up! This suggestion could be considered blasphemy in the comic world, but don’t listen to them. You can do whatever you want with your comics.

One thing you could do with all those unwanted comics in your collection is a comic collage. Think of a theme, look for the relevant images and panels from your comics, cut ‘em up and paste them together. Mike Alcantara has been doing some great comic collages for a while now. Here’s an example of his work:

Punisher Comic Collage

That’s assuming you have A LOT of comic books to spare of course. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, just check out what other people are doing with their comics on Pinterest.

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