Posted February 29, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

Two New Teasers for Image Comics’ The Walking Dead

The Image Comics title “The Walking Dead” continues to wow readers with gripping storylines and so much drama and now Robert Kirkman and his crew are teasing a lot of new things for the book with two new teaser images.

What’s interesting to note is that aside from the “I” logo for Image we are now seeing the Skybound logo (which is Kirkman’s company of sorts) on the teaser. Oh and I completely forgot about the menacing man with a bloody chainsaw and the words “Fear” in deep, crimson red.

The second teaser featured fan-favorite character Michonne; the girl with the katana and two pet zombies who went through a lot of trauma as the story progressed.

I know, it’s kinda NSFW but its still fricking awesome!

Earl Maghirang