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A Closer Look at ANARCHY REIGNS: Dishing Modified Pain with Revolver for a Leg

Anarchy Reigns is a different fighting game that thrashes the early concept of linear, press left or right to approach your enemy. Quite frankly, Anarchy Reigns is the best-looking fighter out there that perfectly blends the ideas of free-roam, explosive action that I initially saw in Dissidia (minus the explosive part). I’m not really a Tekken or Street Fighter junkie, but I can prematurely say that Anarchy Reigns will renew and reboot my faith to gaming’s more complicated, frustrating genre if you don’t know what buttons to hit.

For the most part of it, Anarchy Reigns is looking to customize fighting mechanisms with Action Trigger Events (A.T.E.). Based from what I’ve read from SEGA, A.T.E. is a griping inclusion that will revolutionize the interaction between combatants placed on a graphically engaging arena underscored with lots of explosions and modified body parts. Modified body parts, you say? Unlike any other fighters, Anarchy Reigns introduces an impressive line-up of bionic characters with changeable, Transformers-esque weapons attached to their body parts.

Durga, a bionic commando with a mechanical leg that can be converted into a revolver, fights in a very unpredictable manner, positioning himself as a deadly fighter capable of executing knockout kicks compounded with gunpowder finishers. Durga kind of reminds me of an improved Grobyc of Chrono Cross, by the way.

Durga’s one-of-a-kind character, anthropomorphic character design gives him the ability to shift poses from feline-like crouches to a drugged street fighter that can launch bullets from a distance.

What separates Anarchy Reign from free-roaming fighters like Super Smash Bros. is the actual fight scenes resonate perfectly in an environment that hosts no holds barred violence at its finest. Beating people up with combos may be fun and quite satisfying for players with a lust for finishing challengers with a bevy of martial arts to projectile-based moves, but Anarchy Reigns interestingly redefines the genre with beefy characters, panoramic visuals, and a gameplay suited for players who enjoy gravity-defying, gritty brawls.

Anarchy Reigns becomes available on 2012 for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Derek Vicente

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