Posted February 27, 2014 by Nicolo Parungo in Movies/TV

MOVIE REVIEW: “A Little Bit Zombie” is A Lot Of Fun

On the surface, A Little Bit Zombie seems like your typical tongue in cheek B-Movie; there is plenty of crude humour, the gore effects are terrible and the zombies here actually shout BRAAAINS. Look a bit closer however and you’ll find a movie that’s actually much smarter than most people would give it credit for, acting as a satire for not only zombie movies, but wedding movies as well.

Not that there is anything wrong with a light hearted approach, if anything it’s nice to see a movie not take Zombies so seriously, even other light zombie movies like the wonderful Shaun Of the Dead have their own share of dramatic moments, so to witness a comedy about someone’s slow transformation played for laughs is really nice to see.

The story has lead character Steve wanting to have a marriage free of conflict at the cost of his own personal happiness; essentially making him a Zombie, so to have him fight his sudden urge to eat brains shows that the film has a nice ironic wit. There’s also a nice albeit minor twist here, having his friends and family not only getting used to his transformation, but enjoying the benefits of it as well making for plenty of laughs throughout the movie.

Speaking of the humour, it is generally funny and all the actors play off of each other well, but occasionally gets too crude; having Steve eat a rabbit is hilarious, yet the extended puking scene beforehand is a bit too much. Another issue is the ending which I won’t spoil here, but is very meh; it comes out of nowhere and feels rushed.

Still those are minor issues that don’t ruin the overall enjoyment of the movie; A Little Bit Zombie is a lot of fun and sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

We would like to thank CrystalSky multimedia. for the screening! “A Little Bit Zombie” is now showing in cinemas near you!


Nicolo Parungo