Posted February 10, 2015 by Robert Calupitan in Movies/TV

Beam me up, Scotty! Jordan’s KING ABDULLAH II was a Star Trek officer!

Jordan’s King Abdullah II is known as the modern, “Warrior King”. But did you know that he was also an officer on Star Trek?  

Well, King Abdulla II was a soldier, and a trained helicopter pilot, who was in service for over 30 years in his career. He even gain more popularity online after photos of him in uniform was posted on the royal court’s official Facebook page. And he is getting quite a following as one of the coolest king of our time for personally taking the battle to the war on terror.

In this clip from a 1996 episode of Star Trek: Voyager that’s recently begun circulating again, you can clearly see him standing there with Ensign Harry Kim and Neelix.

According to the Star Trek wiki Memory Alpha, “Abdullah’s cameo was arranged as a surprise for him by his US Advisor.”

Voyager Executive Producer Jeri Taylor commented, ‘Take away the title and the trappings, and at the core you have a Star Trek fan’. The prince – who, at the time of his cameo, was thirty-four years old – enthused, “I would have been thrilled just to visit the set but this is too much.” After being put into makeup, given pointed sideburns and then fitted for his uniform he rehearsed and shot his scene.”


Judging by the pips on his collar, the prince was a Lieutenant (Junior Grade) in Starfleet when the USS Voyager launched. And the teal of his uniform means he’s some kind of science officer.

Robert Calupitan