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BOOM! Studios enters THE SPIRE


Sha is the Commander of the Watch, tasked with watching over the inhabitants of the Spire and making sure order is in check. When a triple homicide occurs, she gets right on the case, but she soon finds out that there’s more to this crime than meets the eye.

Simon Spurrier and Jeff Stokely, having previously worked on another BOOM! Studios series, Six-Gun Gorilla, will now reunite for a new upcoming series – THE SPIRE. The Editor-in-Chief of BOOM!, Matt Gagnon, had much praise about the creative duo. “Simon and Jeff are an unstoppable team and a powderkeg of ideas,”

“After Six-Gun Gorilla, we absolutely had to bring them back for an encore. This team has endless imagination and a pure joy for the medium; The Spire is a genre-defying manifestation of what they stand for creatively. I couldn’t be more proud or excited about a series we’re publishing.” Gagnon said.

All this intrigue regarding Sha’s quest for justice, featuring the backdrop of a mysterious, seemingly isolated city that has prospered in the co-existence of humans and non-humans: that’s the story behind The Spire. Its first issue of eight will be released on July 1st, with different variant covers done by David Lafuente (Batman Eternal), Aaron Conley (Sabretooth) and Chew artist Rob Guillory.

The Spire #1 (of 8) arrives in comic shops on July 1st with an oversized 28 pages of story and a main cover by series artist Jeff Stokely for the price of $3.99.

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