Posted February 3, 2014 by Alvin Minon in Comics

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Bigfoot sees his best issue in Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman #5

A while back I was handed Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman #5 to do a review. Turns out, it’s the fifth of Brewhouse Comics‘  six-issue mini-series so I really have no choice but to check all the issues from the start before giving my two cents regarding the latest one. So what do I have to say? Henaman‘s done a fantastic job, looking at how the four issues built up the tension and set the development for our alien bottom-kicking Sasquatch and his conniving sidekick.

When I opened the first pages of the first issue, I admit I was kinda irked that the story just throws me into this unknown world without any effort to lay down the lore or any premise or whatsover. And the book’s even unapologetic about it, where the story would go on its flow without any hint why we have Bigfoot as a protagonist and why is he on Mars, or what’s with the feud going on all around the red planet. But soon enough I learned not to mind it as I get things bit by bit, after seeing the peculiar hero escape from giant ants, underground-dwelling insect-vampire alien races, poachers and so on. Whether they’re effective and desirable tools or not, I appreciated the small bits of narration at the start of each issue as they allow readers to skip on lore or mythos but instead head straight to what’s going on, in the heat of the battle or wherever our hairy hero is. Also, the book’s made efficient use of characters and artifacts to give us tidbits here and there of Mars’ history.

By issue #5, Bigfoot and his alien bud Castor’s taken back to where we first saw them in #1. They were captured and the overlord Jeoffa demands that they be brought back by the red demon of the desert for them to learn the price of escaping his domain. It is here that his Bagworm friend meets his dilemma, whether he’d leave Bigfoot, or Earthman as they call him, and spread the tale of his failure or stick with his friend through thick and thin. Which actually makes me wonder whether the whole mini-series would be the Bagworm’s big story that he dreams of, since he’s the one narrating from the start given that the hairy hulk’s more of the silent type. Anyway, I wouldn’t blurt out much so as to avoid spoilers but this one’s definitely the best so far.

Why the best? First reason would be how meaty #5 is. I was starting to wonder when is it that Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman would actually have Bigfoot wield a sword. Oh and also when is it that his sidekick would step out from being just a sidekick in distress. Turns out I would get the answers here. Josh Henaman used all the four previous releases to give us a big climax, with all the action, tension, and even drama. All the past stories pile up together for readers to see how far the characters have developed, and give justice to the events told in this issue. I’ve never seen the characters of this alien planet look so human.

Second would be the art. I could definitely say that Andy Taylor has outdone all the past Bigfoots. The lines are much more solid and it seems he’s put more into the details this time. And by details I’m not only referring to the wonderful aliens pitted into the red sandy world but also to the expressions and gestures that make our characters’ looks contribute much more to the drama. And there’s also Tamra Bonvillain‘s coloring that helps out a lot. This book has its events happening in the same desert that was featured in #1 but the colors are definitely better. Vibrant and popping out, with that reddish hue thanks to the story being on Mars, but still the characters stand out and don’t get swallowed up. Yes, big brown Bigfoot’s still towering and oozing of badassery despite being against a desert background.

Try hunting Bigfoot after he’s got his blood-drenched black sword

Gotta admit, I had my doubts at first. I thought this series would be nothing but some crazy mash of fictional characters (sorry Bigfoot enthusiasts!), dinosaurs and alien characters set in a Tatooine-ish Mars. But this issue stopped those doubts dead on their tracks. Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman might be weird and crazy but it has this great story that’ll make readers follow the adventures of the odd duo. I’m definitely sticking for the finale.

Alvin Minon