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Code:Breaker OVA to be released


According to the official website, the OVA of Code:Breaker will be released. It will be a three-volume OVA that will be bundled with manga volumes 22, 23, and 24.

These are the release dates quoting from MAL:

Subtitles and release dates
Vol.1: “code:extra 1,2,3 & Plus 1″, Dec 17, 2012
Vol.2: “code:100 & extra HANAMI & Plus 2″, Feb 15, 2013
Vol.3: “code:4koma Special Theater”, Apr 17, 2013


On the other hand, Code:Breaker TV series will premier this October. This is the link for the of the trailer.

For those who can’t view the video from the link, I’ve provided a different link of the trailer.




freedom102030 (Youtube video)

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