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Angels Among Us

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse

The first book in the series.

Private investigator Remy Chandler can speak any language and can move about without being noticed if he wants to. Nothing so unusual about that except for two things: one, ‘any language’ means any language and that includes the languages of dogs, cats, even ants. If any specie has a language, this guy is fluent in it. And two, Remy Chandler could stand right in front of you and you still wouldn’t see him, hear him, or pay any kind of attention to him.

That’s because he’s a real angel underneath his human guise – one of the host Seraphim, to be exact.

It all started during the War in Heaven, when Lucifer’s forces have been successfully routed. Remy, or Remiel as he was called then, looked at the carnage surrounding him and decided that being an angel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So he sheathed his sword, renounced the Heavenly Host, and went down to Earth to walk amongst the greatest of God’s creations.

But life on Earth isn’t filled with sunshine and rainbows; especially for an angel in disguise. As the centuries pass, the Fallen Angels, various Biblical characters, even some near-immortal beings have been busy gathering resources in a bid to gain power. And all too soon, despite his attempts to suppress his bloodthirsty angel side, Remy Chandler finds himself taking up the sword and armor of Heaven to save this Earth and the humans he had come to love.

Author Thomas Sniegoski has certainly done his research in writing this series; with beings like the Grigori, Noah’s Children, even an appearance by Lazarus. Indeed, the Remy Chandler series is peppered with iconic Biblical characters – but they’re not as you’ve seen them before. Sniegoski takes on these icons and gives them motives readers can sympathize with. But as with several of these characters, Remy too, has had to struggle to come to terms with his past in order to live a quiet life with his wife and a few human friends. However, not all of the characters are happy to let bygones be bygones.

Walking in the Midst of Fire

The sixth and latest installment

Sniegoski’s Remy Chandler series consists of five books with a sixth just recently released. Each book builds upon what happened in the previous one as Sniegoski gradually constructs Remy’s story and introduces characters from the angel’s past who have been plotting for centuries, as well as new ones he’d never met before that are aiming to bring about the apocalypse. And as Remy struggles to keep his angel side in control, he finds that renouncing Heaven and the carnage he took part in wouldn’t help save the Earth.

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