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Diamond Toys Announces The Jean DeWolff Saga Minimate Collection

Press Release

The mid-1980s was a dark time for comic books, with superheroes exploring the obsessive side of heroism and a more sadistic side of villainy. But it was that era that gave us what are now considered the classics of the comics world. One such classic? The Death of Jean DeWolff, written by Peter David. Jean was a detective in the NYPD and an admirer and comrade-in-arms of Spider-Man, and her brutal murder in 1986?s Spectacular Spider-Man #107 sent Spidey down a dark path. His investigation of the crime spiraled out of control, and more people would die before the final scene, in which he went toe-to-toe with Daredevil.

To commemorate this landmark storyline, which has been collected numerous times since its initial publication, Diamond Select Toys will release a wave of Marvel Minimates based entirely on the Jean DeWolff saga to comic shops and specialty stores. The line-up of Wave 43 will include:

- Spider-Man (black costume) with Jean DeWolff
– Daredevil with Sin-Eater (both with removable masks)
– J. Jonah Jameson (removable jacket) with SHIELD Agent (extra hair)
– Aunt May (chase figure) with SHIELD Agent (extra hair)

These will be the first toys ever made of Jean DeWolff and the Sin-Eater, who would return in different incarnations in later years. Also, these will be the first Minimates ever made of the standard SHIELD agent and Spider-Man’s Aunt May.

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