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Just in time for the third season premiere of Netflix’s VOLTRON: Legendary Defender, the LEGO Company approved a VOLTRON-themed LEGO Idea submission for mass-production on August 3rd.


The set, called VOLTRON: Defender of the Universe, is designed based on the look of the robot from the 1980s series. It features five poseable lions that can be combined into the mighty VOLTRON, but the fun really comes from having to build each individual lion from scratch.

It is LEGO after all.

Voltron Lions

The LEGO Idea submission made by username len_d69 gained the necessary 10,000 votes in May 2016 making it eligible for the September 2016 LEGO Review made by the company’s designers, project managers, and other key team players. Approval finally came almost a year later just before Netflix premieres the third season of its highly successful reboot.

LEGO VOLTRON: Defender of the Universe is expected to be available sometime next year. The Netflix series’ third season premieres Friday, August 4th.

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