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REVIEW: Issues ng ‘Patay Kung Patay #5′

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Story by: Mike Alcazaren, Noel Pascual and AJ Bernardo
Art by: AJ Bernardo and Josel Nicolas
5/ 5

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To sum it all up..

Patay Kung Patay #5 arrives finally with the BANG!

Posted November 15, 2017 by


20369942_1918086228455409_3724390577822054472_oAfter months of waiting, Patay Kung Patay is back with the vengeance! Issue number five is more cerebral, and more Freudian than the previous issues. This story explores the dirtiest secrets yet the filthy bourgeoisie could offer, especially if one of its ranks has a very terrible Elektra complex issue. Also, the concept of “family” is put under the scrutiny, similar with the Game-of-Thrones’s aspect of medieval fealty and loyalty. But what’s stand the most in this heart-pounding issue is the tension between characters displayed is spot-on, making this one a true page-turner. Snappy lines and dialogues, and even our beloved Jun’s characterizations exemplify so well here that PKP is destined to be an excellent movie adaptation.

AJ Bernardo‘s art (including Josel Nicolas‘ artistic contributions) improves a lot in this cerebral gore feast issue. He displays an aesthetic touch of subtlety in the middle portion of the story, which is evident if one would take time to observe how the artist brilliantly convey it.

Here’s one beef I must say… why kill my fave character here? Who will make the readers LOL in the next last succeeding issues? Hopefully, the PKP creative force justifies his demise in the extending issues.

Criticism aside, Patay Kung Patay #5 arrives finally with the BANG! Origins unfold, motives uncovered, baggage rises, suspense heightened, and deaths counting. No wonder why the PKP creative group deserves accolades nowadays.

P.S. Jun… JUN!!!!

Reviewed by Paul Ramos

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