Posted October 17, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Community

NYCC 2011 X-Cosplayers Aint Got Nothing Against the Philippine X-Men Cosplay Team

MTV Geek featured a lot of cosplayers during this week’s New York Comic Con and I found this group of X-Men cosplayers really intriguing and quite frankly, spot on in terms of the make up and all that.

The guys even have their very own pre-Messiah CompleX Bishop in tow and a mean looking Cable.

Plus they also have a hottie thats cosplay Laura Kinney aka X-23.

Not to be outdone though, we also have our very own X-Men cosplaying group in the form of the Philippines X-Men Cosplay Team who not only took the cake in terms of the number of mutants they cosplay but also the detail and the creativity to pull it off.

They might have gotten a guy to cosplay as Bishop but they sure don’t have their completed New Mutants Cosplayers….

Beat that! Oh and to sweeten the deal these New York cosplayers haven’t even cosplayed as the mutants that came out in “X-Men First Class”.

Who knows, maybe next year we get major sponsors and we could fly some of the guys from the local team to NYCC or SDCC.

Finger crossed geeks. Fingers crossed.


Earl Maghirang