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A Total Rundown of Cancelled Marvel Titles including X-23

While DC Comics has been running the gamut in terms of the number of comic book titles they publish, Marvel seems to cost-cutting cancelling quite a few ongoing titles shortly after the dismissal of a few of their employees. Here’s a rundown of what these titles are and what it could mean for the characters.


A perennial favorite of mine, the ongoing adventures of Wolverine’s daughter/clone Laura Kinney was a great book with nice dialogues and great plots thanks to writer Marjorie Liu. The titular character has interacted with a lot of fan-favorite characters such as Gambit and Jubilee and even teamed-up with Dark Wolverine, Daken Akihiro. The book also made me a fan thanks to the inclusion of artist Sana Takeda.

Black Panter: Most Dangerous Man Alive

Ghost Rider

The new Ghost Rider has a lot of potential. Not only is she crazy, she’s also hot and there’s a subplot about Johnny Blaze trying to get back his Spirit of Vengeance powers (aka Zarathos) in order to stop the insanity. Alejandra is also a great character with a lot of potential and a massive looking sickle.

Daken Dark Wolverine

I was interested with Daken when he was still the “cool-silent” assassin who was a thorn in Wolverine’s paw. But things went awry and Marvel took interest in this character bringing him to the spotlight. The young mutant even stayed with the Dark Avengers before going solo. There were some good stories written by Daniel Way for this guy but it suddenly became weird when he started macking on Dark Hawkeye (Bullseye).

Alpha Flight

The book was created during the events of Chaos War and was originally marketed as a limited maxi-series before getting the ongoing nod. But with the way things are going for Marvel Comics right now, Canada’s premiere team didn’t survive and will see a new cancelation session again.

Iron Man 2.0

A second Iron Man book was released some time ago and focused on the solo adventures of James Rhodes aka War Machine. At this time, this was a second attempt in recent memory to get new fans talking about Rhodey. Heck Marvel even gave Rhodey a new armor in the story. But new armor and all that jazz didn’t seem like it will save Rhodey and his own small crew from cancellation.

Victor Von Doom

Victor Von Doom was headlined by Nick Spencer and Becky Cloonan and will tell the story of a teenaged Dr. Doom as he ventures into hell to rescue the soul of his mom. It was received with great gusto but then much to our surprise the series gets cancelled. There was no definite reason but Marvel seems like they had other plans for this creative duo.


During this year’s SDCC 2011, Marvel had a panel that teased a new team and a new book that comprised of big bruisers in the Marvel U including She-Hulk, The Thing, A-Bomb, Beast and Devil Dinosaur. It did show a promise especially since the Defenders were also making splashes thanks to the teasers around that time.

All Winners Squad

I have no idea whatsoever what All Star Squadron is all about. But I am certain that this focuses on an early derivative of Marvel’s Avengers. With regards to its coolness or its greatness, I am not really sure but what I do know is that it seems to be a low selling title.

Earl Maghirang