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Disney’s & Marvel’s FIRST Movie Project: BIG HERO 6


D23: Disney Expo , The Ultimate Disney Fan Experience

Since the Disney-Marvel buyout, it’s only now that both parties released information about the first movie project they’d be collaborating on. The project is a CG animated movie based on Marvel’s Big Hero 6. I actually didn’t have any idea who or what Big Hero 6 is until now. Big Hero 6 is Marvel’s Japanese superhero team created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau that first appeared in the pages of Alpha Flight volume 2. The first issue was released as Sunfire and Big Hero 6 #1 released back in September 2008.


Sunfire and Big Hero 6 issue 1

Big Hero 6 is comprised of Hiro Haramada: a 14 year old tech genius, Gogo Tomago: a hotheaded daredevil bike messenger, Wasabi No-Ginger: the fighting sushi-chef, Honey Lemon: a chemist/barista who has a power purse that she can pull out all sorts of items, Fred: also known as Fredzilla on the team who can transform himself into a Godzilla-like creature, and the robot Baymax: Hiro’s best bud who was originally created to be a diagnostic nurse but then was reprogrammed to be a superhero robot.


Marvel’s Japanese super-hero team, Big Hero 6

The Big Hero 6 movie was announced at the on-going Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. To be directed by Don Hall, who has worked on a number of Disney Animation such as Winnie the Pooh, Emperor’s New Groove and Meet the Robinsons. He told fans at D23 that Big Hero 6 is an underground Marvel comic about a Japanese superhero team and he loved the characters and the Japanese aesthetic. A teaser video was also shown at D23:

Director Hall also told fans at D23 “What I loved most of all was the emotional story of a 14-year-old genius named Hiro who loses his big brother, and a robot named Baymax that heals his broken heart. That feels like the makings of a Disney movie.”

No information was released as to who would be a part of Big Hero 6 voice actors. Big Hero 6 is scheduled to be released worldwide, November 7, 2014.


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