Posted June 16, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Events

Survival Guide for TOYCON 2012


The 11th Toycon is finally upon us and this article will help both newbies and veteran con-goers alike to safely enjoy their trip to SM Megamall’s Megatrade Halls for this annual event.

Art Contributed by Freely Abrigo


- It would be good to lighten the load that you would be carrying. If you really must, bring a backpack or a nice slim bag which can fit things like extra shirts, towels, bottled waters (yes you would need them) and even spare batteries for your camera.

- Bring a camera if you want to (doesn’t matter if it would be the standard point and click or that big-ass DSLR). Whats really important is that you get to capture the moment and the sights that you are bound to see in this TWO DAY event. Also bring the camera case if you want to make sure that you won’t break your camera while traversing around the three megatrade halls.

- it would be a good idea to carry extra money. But a word of caution however, always be careful when it comes to your cash or your wallet. You wouldn’t want to go home empty handed would you?


yes mother its an annual thing for hobbyists and geeks alike


There are no strict dress codes for Toycon (I’m looking at the first timers). Where what you want but I do advice you to keep it comfortable. If you wear restrictive clothing for both DAY 1 and DAY 2, there would be a slightly higher chance that you might end up sweating too much. Worst case scenario is that you faint (I kid you not. I once witnessed a cosplayer faint because of what she was wearing a few Toycons ago).

Also if you’re a cosplayer, go all out. Heck I will salute you if you around SM Megamall wearing your costume. Wear it loud and wear it proud. And remember to let us take your picture so we could show it off here on FLIPGEEKS.com

Since we’re already in the topic of clothing, footwear can definitely be tackled. Slippers or Flipflops are very comfortable and can be worn while walking around the convention area. However, there’s a risk since you might get stepped on ALOT. This factor would double or even triple once cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao makes her way into her booth.


- Always say “Excuse Me” or “Excuse” when passing thru. It’s a fun place but never ever forget your manners. Also this one will totally make your mom or dad proud.

- Haggle and not buy. It’s not a great feeling to haggle and conceding to an ammenable price only to find out that the figure or product won’t be bought. Put yourself in the shoes of the exhibitors and try to haggle when you really plan on buying the item.

- Don’t block the driveway. Always be considerate of the people behind you. You wouldn’t want to find yourself continually bumping with the fellow in your front right? So if you plan on talking with your friends or buddies, make sure you’d do it in a place where there is space.

There you have it, no need for long enumerations just remember all of these and we’re 100% sure that you’ll enjoy the convention experience.


Earl Maghirang