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The TOYCON 2012 Experience and Sightings: Toy booths, Collections, Alodia and Cosplay

Toys, action figures, statues, collections, toy sellers, cosplayers, Alodia and Ashley Gosienfiao — last month’s The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention (TOYCON) 2012 was a real blast! From day 1 to day 3 it was really good, starting with now that you don’t have to suffer a long line to buy tickets. Every year, TOYCON is one of my most anticipated geek events because my love for toys and other collectibles just won’t go away even as I grow older (haha!).

The first thing that I noticed regarding the event was the venue. Yes, they have been conducting the event in the same venue (Megatrade) through all these years, and I was surprised that the layout was actually pretty good and the spaces were good. They managed to pack inside megatrade booths and other areas that are really diverse — food stalls, tiangge, comics artists section and mre. As usual, the number and quality of booths and sellers inside Toycon is unparalleled especially I observed that lots of toy lines that are almost 5-10 years old are still reappearing today in the stands. Lines such as Toybiz’s Marvel Legends and Lord of the Rings, DC Directs — which are top quality toys/action figures in my opinion, and other lines that are quite rare a few years ago are now available and much more cheaper!!! But of course, you have to have a keen eye and actually work pretty hard in digging into those pile of toys in order for you to get a good find.


Hunting for toys (read about my Toy Hunt Guide) is really one of the joys in toy collecting, and especially when you’re in a venue as big as Toycon and if you’ve managed to save a lot of dough to spend. But  of course, there’s nothing wrong in not buying anything because there are other ways to enjoy Toycon than buying stuff and that is looking at the toy displays of sellers and collectors.















There were a lot of toys, statues, comics and other collectibles were being sold in the booth area. But one section of the event that was really cool is the display area found in the function room where a lot of collections by private collectors, toy groups and such were displayed. Collections like Gunpla and other model kits, custom made statues, hot toys, action figures and more.

Lastly, one of the biggest highlights of the event was the Cosplayers and the Cosplay competition that was held inside. And of course, cosplay queen – Alodia was there with her sister Ashley. They both had their own space there where they can meet and greet their fans, and man was the line long and they were still able to manage accommodating their fans for hours and still look pretty:





















Toys, Comics, Food, Cosplayers were all there but there are celebrities that were also present like Gab Chee Kee of Parokya ni Edgar (image above), and KAMIKAZEE who performed onstage for an awesome crowd:










Overall, and I’m saying it again – TOYCON 2012 was an awesome event in which I’m sure that cosplayers, collectors and fans were really glad attending. Oh, lastly we have a huge image gallery of the cosplayers who attended the event, hope you enjoy everything:

TOYCON 2012: Cosplay Image Gallery – Part 1

TOYCON 2012: Cosplay Image Gallery – Part 2

TOYCON 2012: Cosplay Image Gallery – Part 3

Check out the full IMAGE GALLERY of booths, collectibles and other displays below (photos courtesy by Vince Corpuz)



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