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Top Reasons Why You Should Go To TOYCON 2013

The 12th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention or simply TOYCON is this weekend already. Toycon is one of the biggest conventions in the country and is one of those events that enthusiasts of all sorts anticipate, save up for and go to. Last year’s event was really awesome with the event hosting to a lot of guests, lots of booths of different retailers, toy displays from various enthusiast groups. You can check our last year’s coverage here.

Toys, comics and other collectibles to buy and all the wonderful stuff displayed there are really the main reasons to go to Toycon, but there’s a lot more activities and happenings that you might be interested too. Here are some of the reasons why you should go to the event:


Here’s a favorite of mine. Toycon has been around for many years, and this is actually the first time that we’re getting an exclusive. Kudos to Big Boys Toy Store and Toycon for pulling this one of. Funko and Iron Man fans will surely love to add this in their collection. Even though this will be available in SDCC, it certainly is still very great to know that we can get it here at home! More details here.



Toycon also hosts one of the biggest cosplay competitions in Metro Manila. Last year was a blast (see here) and this year will surely be the same. More details here.


And of course, what would TOYCON be if it doesn’t have contests that are related to toys! Toycon always celebrate the passion of collectors and enthusiasts here in the country, and because of this lots of toy-related contests are on the way!

There are definitely more activities and highlights in the upcoming event and you can check them all out in their official website here. See you this weekend geeks!

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