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TOY REVIEW: Ultra Act – ULTRAMAN Ver 2.0 (Renewal)

After a bit of hiatus in Flipgeeks’ Toy Reviews, we’re back in reviewing some of the collectibles out there that are in high demand and of course we include those figures you might not be familiar with. Today we’re reviewing a figure based on a fictional character that Filipinos are familiar with – ULTRAMAN.

What we’ve got here  comes from Bandai’s toy line called Ultra Act which was manufactured by Tamashi Nations. These figures are similar to Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts line. This line started in 2010 and features various Ultraman characters and villains. We will be focusing on the 2012 Ultraman Renewal (2.0) version, a refurbished and upgraded figure based on it’s 2010 predecessor.

Enjoy our full review below especially on how we put this figure to the test when it comes to articulation!


I must say that I really love the packaging for this one because of it’s general look. The packaging is solid features a nice design with images of the figure in the front and back. The back part shows images of the figure doing some poses especially the iconic form with the Specium Beam. What I don’t like with the packaging however is that it hides lots of additional accessories that potential buyers would love to look at. But have no fear, you can check out the complete accessories that come with the packaging in the photos in the next section.

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This figure has lots of accessories, but most of it consists of swappable hands. It has a total of 11 hands, 2 of them has the Specium Beam and Ultra Cutter effect. It also includes a red Color Timer, a small triangular cap which is used for a Tamashi stage stand and a ground effect blast that is uber cool-looking. I just wish that it included a base though.

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When I buy toys, especially if it hits the 1,000+ peso price range, I really look and inspect details on the sculpt, paint and materials used. With Ultraman Renewal, I must say that it everything is simple, yet superb. Materials used are solid, the materials used has color already unlike some figures that were painted on them. Everything feels smooth to the touch.

The sculpt on the face is really great. At first I was wondering why it had that tiny dot/hole in the eyes but then I realized that it’s not a defect and that it’s there for accuracy!!  But, don’t expect it to be as a bit chubby or that it looks like there’s a man in a suit. I really love the sculpt on this figure, from the details on his face up to the different muscles — it’s got nice abs too lol! The sculpt just really goes well with the figure’s articulation.

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Okay, articulation, we definitely want figures that are super-poseable but doesn’t sacrifice the figure’s sculpt, design and look. Bandai’s toy lines has been excellent when it comes to this aspect. In this section, we put the Ultraman Renewal’s articulation to the test and see how poseable it was.

The figure’s joints are awesome and really does give you a lot of options on poseability. The joint in the elbows and knees are the same, and it really gives the figure a lot of flex. Articulation in the torso/abdomen part does the job for giving Ultraman the bend he needs, as well as the shoulder joints. Just be careful when you’re swapping out hands, since the ball join in the wrist is a bit tiny. When using hands with the specium beam and cutter, the hand definitely gets heavy and tends to sag, but if you find the right angle to pose it in, everything’s okay. Even though it certainly has its limits, articulation in the figure is just superb and really feels solid.

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It can split, and has a perfect flying pose!!! (don’t mind that hand. lol)



Seeing as to how sexy and cool this figure is, playing with it was extremely enjoyable.  With so many action and serious poses, as well as goofy ones, it’s hard not to enjoy playing around with this figure. We just really wish it had come with a base so that the poses you made will be preserved while the figure is displayed. Lastly, if you’re into Toy photography,  you will love this figure so check out some of the shots we took while playing around with Ultraman below!

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