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The age of machines is getting closer and closer. So close to the next Kaiju/evil machine apocalypse, and so far to owning that VF-1 variable fighter you’ve always wanted to fly and be an ace pilot. What do they all have in common?

“Giant Mechas”

Today we’ll be reviewing what many may consider as the grand-daddy of all mechas. That’s right, what we got here is the Super Robot Chogoking Shin Mazinger Z from Tamashii Nations!

SRC Shin Mazinger Z

I got this from a fellow collector who wanted to trade since he’s not really into mechas anymore. It’s the first (and maybe the only trade)  I made for the year so far.  Unlike the Soul of Chogoking Series, The Super Robot Chogoking or “SRC” variants are more durable, posable and sturdier than the Soul of Chogoking ( SOC ) units. It was quite smaller than the SOC Mazinger. But small packages come with big value.

This toy was produced by Tamashii Nations and Bandai. Tamashii Nations is known to create great online exclusives. Some worthy of note to mention are: SH Figuarts – Sailor moon and Dragonball Z. While Bandai holds numerous licenses animation and live-action shows in their list, Shin Mazinger itself is a popular anime show in Japan. That was a huge hit in Japan and still even up to now. Spawning, toys, books, merchandise and also countless appearances in a variety of games, television and even a feature length animated movie. I’m personally an 80’s kid, and didn’t saw its first appearance on TV in the 70’s. But my oldest brother always talked about him and Voltes V.  He always tells me that unlike Voltes V,  Mazinger Z can fight multiple giant robots on his own even if in a total disadvantage. But Mazinger  Z always manages to win the day. I started to like him and got to know him personally thanks to  the PS 1 Strategy RPG Game, Super Robot Wars F and F final. I just fell in-love with the Super Robot. And now  that I got one, I wanted to do a toy review on it.

Shin Mazinger

Packaging – 4/5

The packaging of The Tamashii Nations SRC Mazinger Z 2013 is only 10 inches in diameter. Not as big as you might expect. Barely half the size of a  1/144 Gundam kit box. The box art has the picture of Shin Mazinger with God Scrander on him and has a huge chromium calligraphy of the word ”Shin Mazinger” on the right side of the front box. The top and Bottom of the box has pictures of Shin Mazinger in Breast Fire mode. On each of the box’s sides are full images of Shin Mazinger(on the right side) and the Copyright/trademark info(on the left side). On the back of the box are pictures of Shin Mazinger and feature gimmicks and poses for the toy. I happen to love the box since it looks mighty expensive. And when you open the box, you’ll see a plastic casing that holds Mazinger and his accessories in place. I just have some issues with the box. In order to see what’s inside, you need to open it, since the box has no window to look at the toy. So if you are a sealed box collector, you have no way of even checking the contents of the toy without opening it first.

Shin Mazinger Z Front BoxShin Mazinger Z Back Box

inner Packaging

Accessories – 5/5

The SRC Shin Mazinger comes with an array of accessories including: eight different fists and hands, Breast Fire effects and optional attachments, two belt clamps, peg adapter, The God Scrander and also a mini Hover Pilder.  Sounds standard, but what won me over was the “Garada K7 head” hand attachment.


Shin Mazinger Lower

 God Scrander

Garada K7

It was really awesome to make Shin Mazinger Z hold one of his fallen enemies’ head and then make him show it out! Great for photo shoots. Attaching the accessories are not that hard since they are made from PVC plastics which minimizes scratching or breaking the figure and/or its parts. But you have to be very careful with the Hover Pilder. It’s really small and can easily be misplaced or lost. That goes  for the peg attachment as well.

Rocketo Punchi!

Pose 2

Articulation and possibility wise, Shin Mazinger Z has a wide array of poses you can do with it. The figure has ratchet joints in the elbows and knees that can be bent and stretch in and out, to add a wider scale of possibility to the figure. But sadly, I have some problems moving the front legs forward even if I’ve stretched out the upper thighs, making it really hard to pose him in a running position properly.  Shin Mazinger  Z is made from a combination of Die-cast metal, PVC and ABS Plastics. Making him durable enough to pose and to move around a bit. The black paint on the toy is superb. It does not scratch easy and it looks so glossy. The Metallic silver is well balance, But kinda fades a bit if you hold it with oily hands. Aside from that, It is beautifully painted figure.

Trying to run

Attaching the God Scrander is also a joy to play with. It reminds me of Gundam Deathscythe of Gundam W; Endless Waltz fame. It’s very easy to adjust to any position and does not really hinder Shin Mazinger Z’s poseability. But unfortunately, it doesn’t convert to its “God Hand mode”

With the added Breast Fire effect, you can re-create the famous “ Brestoooooo FIRRRRREEEEEEE” scene from the TV series. He also has a index finger attachment for those “I’m pointing” moments.

Brest Fire

The small peg that comes along with the figure, is use for attaching other add-on parts. As for the extra Silver belt, you can use it with the God Scrander or its SRC add-on effects and accessories. (Sold Separately)

Extra belt and  peg clip

I really had fun taking pictures and playing around with the SRC Shin Mazinger Z – which you can never do with an SOC Figure.

Overall – 4/5

God Scrander

The Tamashii Nations SRC Shin Mazinger Z is a must buy. Way better playability than its SOC counterparts and with its other SRC variants out(Great Mazinger, UFO Grendizer, Mazinkaizer, Shin Getta Robo, etc.). Don’t forget he also have add-on parts for maximum Mazinger fun. I only wish they just sold it along with the figure rather than an add-on accessory kit. It makes you end up spending more for him. But hey, I love it and I have fun with this awesome figure.  If you already have him, you know what I mean. If you are still deciding, well better look for one if you’re a Super Robot or Mazinger fan. This is a must have.

Robert Calupitan