Posted November 18, 2014 by Robert Calupitan in Columns


gundam-burger-3If you haven’t hear of the all-black colored burger, that was made with Bamboo charcoal? Japan had that all-black hamburger at Burger King & McDonald’s a while back that looked both tasty and gross at the same time, well Japan gets some of most weirdest and interesting foods. And lately it seems that burgers are often  the focus of of edible oddities. And this time, the theme is Gundam.

Gundam fans will be delighted to learn that Japan is getting Gundam-themed Burgers!

Naturally, the burgers are available at the Gundam Café. The one called the Sleggar Burger sells for ¥700 (~$6 USD). The Gundam Burger will cost you ¥780 (~$6.50 USD), and the Char Zaku and Zaku II burgers cost a bit more at ¥800 (~$7 USD).

These tasty burgers will fill any person who loves burgers and/or Gundam will have a kick out of this.  It also comes in theme colors and different sauces. All it needs is bacon, and this will be something to look forward to!


Robert Calupitan