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Sweet Escapes: Flipgeeks’ Market Finds!

If you’re scouting for some of the most delectable and one-of-a-kind desserts made by passionate entrepreneurs and local “mom-and-pop” businesses, then today’s immensely popular food markets might be the best places to look.

Luckily we’ve got all you curious foodies covered, as we’ve rounded up some of  the most intriguing and delightful sweet treats from last week’s Quezon City Food Festival and this weekend’s UP Town Center Town Market  – all guaranteed to satisfy even the most adventurous sweet tooth!

Chocolate Chip Army Cookies


It’s easy to see where Chocolate Chip Army Cookies got its quirky name – what with its bold, fearless flavors that deliver an explosion in one’s mouth much like any dedicated soldier in battle would do.


Their market stall was easily one of the most eye-catching, with cookies nestled in wooden “bunkers” on a table adorned with toy soldiers and tanks – all of which were sitting under a flag declaring the shop’s war on the market goers’ hungry stomachs!


Even their cookies’ names follow the army theme, with flavors such as the fudgy, dense chocolate-malt Blackhawk; Reese’s, M&M’s, and Belgian chocolate chip-loaded Adrenaline; and marshmallowy, Belgian chocolate chip and buttery cereal crunch-filled Morphine cookies.


You can order Chocolate Chip Army Cookies’ items online for pickup at their store in Maginhawa, Quezon City. Their cookies are priced at P320 per half dozen and P620 per dozen.

Choco ATBP.


Nothing quite compares to the way genuine Filipino flavors soothe the soul, and that is exactly the type of warmth ChocoATBP. brings out through its menu of Filipino homemade comfort food.


While ChocoATBP. offers a variety of products, their pièce de résistance is definitely their line of Dark Chocolate Tablea Fudge Bars – a product of the owners’ experimenting with Philippine chocolate creations. These sinfully sweet and stunning delights come in four flavors – Simply Original, Delightful Orange, Tsoko Mint, and Sili Tsoko.


They also sell Tsokolate ng Sindikato De Cacao (finely ground chocolate paste) and lemon, orange rum, and Bacardi pound cakes, among other items – all made with locally produced ingredients. Aside from their online page and food market stalls, interested foodies may also reach ChocoATBP. through email (cs@chocoatbp.com) and text (09088949598/ 09189030664).

Brød Philippines


Cake and brownie dessert jars have become a popular trend in the thriving market scene nowadays, but it’s not everyday that we come across something as unique as Brød Philippines’ bread pudding jars!


Brød Philippines’ home-crafted bread pudding currently comes in four variants, taking this once “poor man’s pudding” to the next level with flavors ranging from the classic choco-banana and berry-type combinations to their more adventurous rum-soaked raisin and caramel sauce concoction.


While the shop is primarily online-based, they do offer deliveries and meetups in various places around the metro. Brød Philippines may be just less than a month old, but its unique concept and creative flavors make it one shop to watch out for!

The Midnight Bakery


For fans of oatmeal cookies, The Midnight Bakery’s tasty creations are a sure must-try! This newbie in the world of cookie businesses debuted with their first-ever bazaar booth just last weekend at the Quezon City Food Festival, and with some pretty memorable treats to boot!


Chewy, oat-filled goodness awaits anyone who bites into The Midnight Baker’s hazelnut and dark chocolate-packed Hazelnut Haze, brandy-spiked Walnut Wonder, and chunky, peanut-buttery Peanut Love cookies.


The shop currently operates online, and can also be contacted through text ( 09178425308/ 09228864224) and email (themidnightbakeryph@gmail.com). Still, you might start seeing them around the metro more often since they’ve already begun participating in food markets and bazaars!

Mio Gelati


Of course, this dessert list wouldn’t be complete without ice cream! Enter Mio Gelati, an ice cream business that started out as a food truck at the Midnight Mercato market way back in April 2011.

Mio Gelati, which translates to “my gelato”, normally houses 18 homemade flavors at a time, including some bestselling staples like the Ferrero, Pistachio, Kinder Bueno, Mango Cream Pie, and Blueberry Cheesecake.


All in all there are around 50 flavors in the shop’s repertoire, made for traditional and adventurous ice cream lovers alike. Those looking for more intriguing flavors can sample the Baileys, Tequila Rose, and Black Chocolate concoctions, among others.

One scoop of their regular flavors costs P80, while the premium flavors are priced at P100 per scoop. Apart from their Facebook page, interested ice cream fanatics can follow their weekly schedule through their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Hungry for desserts yet? Try them out and let us know what you think in the comments section below! Or share some other cool dessert places you know with us. We’ll be rolling out other foodie features soon to keep you foodies in-the-know, so keep watching the site for updates!


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