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BIG HERO 6 Toy Line By Bandai Announced!

Even more San Diego Comic-Con 2014 reveals coming your way with only three days left for the convention to open. Just a few days ago, an official full-length trailer has been released for the world to see, to follow that up Bandai (famous for their Ben 10, Kamen and Masked Rider, DragonBall Z toy lines) and Disney Consumer Products showed off a variety of different toys ranging from Action Figures, Plush Toys, and Role Play products for the kids and for the kid at heart (By this we mean collectors or “toy enthusiasts”).

If you haven’t heard of Big Hero 6, It’s Disney Animation and Marvel’s first collaboration  in adapting the first ever Marvel Comic Adaptation since their big deal in 2009 and it is made by the same team who have brought us last year’s sleeper hit, Frozen (which the craze still haven’t died out for the past 8 months). It’s based on the comic book series of the same name and it  finds genius kid inventor Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) and his robot Baymax (Scott Adsit) teaming up with Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.), Honey Lemon (Génesis Rodríguez), GoGo Tomago (Jamie Chung) and Fred (T.J. Miller) to stop a plot that threatens their home of San Fransokyo.

Basic Action Figure Line (4″ and 6″ Figures): 

The 4-inch line will showcase all 6 of our Brave New Heroes, along with the film’s “big bad”, Yokai. Each character will feature 8 points of articulation and a character specific accessory. While the film’s so-called “half footers” will have a unique action feature. The 6-inch series will kick off with a power-punching Baymax and a fiery Fred; these will go well with your Marvel Legends Silver Samurai and Sunspot figure in your Marvel collection to complete the team.

 Basic Figure – Baymax (4-inch)

Basic Figure – Hiro Tamada (4-inch)

Basic Figure – GoGo Tomago (4-inch)

Basic Figure – Honey Lemon

Basic Figure – Wasabi No Ginger

Basic Figure – Fred (4″)

6-inch Fred

Basic Figure – Baymax (4-inch)

Basic Figure – Baymax (4-inch)

Basic Figure – Yokai (4-inch)

Baymax Craze:

Baymax is clearly the face of this movie and so far he is getting a lot of the spotlight from all the trailers, posters, and now in the toys. Bandai will be giving him four different figures, each having a uniquely specific action feature that expands on Baymax’s abilities. One of them is a 10″ figure with 5 points of articulation, another will have him projecting images from the film on your wall and speak some lines from the movie, then another one will have him take the skies (don’t take this literally *not a flying toy*) as a deluxe “flying” figure that will come with a 4″ Hiro figure, and lastly a 6-inch “armor up” Baymax;  much like the first teaser trailer, you’ll take the part of Hiro Tamada as he “armors up” Baymax from a chubby nursebot to a badass superhero robot with 20 pieces of armor that will stand 2 more inches tall.

Armored Up Baymax

Armored Up Baymax

Projector Baymax

Plush Toy Line:

Plush – Baymax (10″)

Plush – Baymax (10″)

Plush Nursebot Baymax (5.5″)

Plush – Honey Lemon (5.5″) 

Plush – GoGo Tomago (5.5″)

Plush – Fred (5.5″)

Baymax, in his cuddly nursebot form will be getting the plush treatment twice (in different sizes) along with GoGo Tomago, Honey Lemon, and Fred. Nursebot Baymax will be standing 10″ tall while a 5.5” version will also be released along with the rest of the characters mentioned of the same size.


Roleplay – Baymax Mask and Rocket Fist Combo Pack

Role Play – Hiro Mask

It’s inevitable to have people leave the theater and think “man, the characters are so cool, that i want to dress up like ‘em” (hence, we have a lot of people dressing up as Anna and Elsa in every con after Frozen came out). If you do have that thought, you will have the chance to dress up as Hiro Tamada and Baymax with these film inspired masks and a Rocket fist (that can shoot 10-feet away) that will go well with your Baymax mask (the mask and rocket fist will be both sold separately and as a combo pack)

SDCC Exclusive Baymax


In case you are at the con, and you happen to have stopped by at the booth and take a good close up of these toys, the first edition 6-inch Mettalic Painted Power Punch Baymax will be sold in their booth.

 There’s possibly more to see and know in this year’s Comic-Con so expect a lot more cool stuff next week.

The toy line will hit shelves around September. Disney’s Big Hero 6 is directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, and stars  Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit, Jamie Chung, Genesis Rodriguez, Damon Wayans Jr., and T.J. Miller. The film is set to release November 6, 2014 in select 3D and 2D theaters nationwide!


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