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Toycon: Celebrating the Child in all of us


Imagine all your favorite stores and shops in one venue, selling items at discounted items. Hard to find gems and treasures within your grasp. The characters you love and love to hate come alive through talented Cosplayers that taking a selfie with them is a no brainer.

These are just some of the things that a fan of pop culture can expect at Toycon. Running for over 14 years Toycon has been a Mecca for fans of anime, comics, toys, movies,Cosplay, collectibles and so much more! With so many things to see and hear at Toycon enumerating them would be an insurmountable task! Held every June, Toycon also features the many up and coming releases and events to happen at the second half of the year.

Going to Toycon has become a tradition in the family. My siblings and cousins get together so we can go through the jam packed halls and point at nostalgic finds which bring back childhood memories or really, really cool and awesome toys all we can do is salivate and take a photo :)

One of my favorite sights at Toycon is getting to see adults and children smile and get excited over the same things. It’s like the son has the same sparkle in his eyes as his father does as they rush to have their photo taken with a Stormtrooper. At Toycon, age doesn’t seem to matter as everyone becomes a child once again.

I overheard a husband tell his wife that she can choose a pair of Sailor Moon socks she liked, to which the wife replied “I want Sailor Jupiter”.

Another exchange I overheard was a mother telling her son, “Let me know if there is anything that you like” and I remember thinking to myself that I wish someone would tell me that as well. 

Surprisingly, Toycon has become a family affair where there is something for everyone. It is an annual celebration of that inner child in all of us and given the attendance it spwpuld be safe to say that Toycon will be around for another 14 years – probably even more! 

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