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VENDETTA: Match Results, Grades, and Predictions for WRevolutionX

Mayhem Brannigan and The Apocalypse

Mayhem Brannigan and The Apocalypse

The lack of a reliable cooling system on the second floor of the Makati Cinema Square may have possible fried the brains of Main Maxx and “Classical” Bryan Leo after both men assaulted Mayhem Brannigan & The Apocalypse during the opening minutes of Vendetta. Displeased, GM Sy ordered security personnel and the Fighters 4 Hire to separate all four men from causing any more havoc and interruption.

Stipulation in hand, GM Sy guaranteed that whichever tag team wins the All Out War match gets to choose the stipulation at WRevolutionX. Which tag team survived the free-for-all brawl? Here are the results from Saturday’s Vendetta:

Bombay Suarez

Bombay Suarez def.Ken Warren

Match Grade: B+

The kick-off match between Bombay Suarez and “The Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren was hot from the beginning. Warren sat on the rope like a nonchalant social media junkie, while Suarez awaits his arrogant opponent to let go off the smartphone. Warren’s technical mat skills got him leading, but the resilient and larger Suarez wore him down. Desperate, Warren gave up on winning the match under normal circumstances and pulled off his best impersonation of William Regal. Warren grabbed a folding chair outside the ring and slid  a brass knuckle to knock Suarez out cold. Suarez countered and sprayed home some Green Mist into the Human Trending Topic’s precious selfie face, which led to the opening that Suarez needed to take the Social Media Sinister offline. So much for the #1stPWRChamp4Sure. Suarez will head to WRevolutionX with a chance to go down in history as PWR’s first champion.


Ralph Imabayashi

Ralph Imabayashi

Ralph Imabayashi def. John Sebastian

Match Grade: B-

Imabayashi is quick inside and outside the ring, stunning Sebastian with his reflexes and recovery against his middle-school PG taunts. Sebastian showed his skills in hitting Imabayashi with a few cheap shots, but the crowd favorite would have none of it, energizing the audience with his blazing offense and immunity against b**** slaps. Imabayashi got ahead, pinning Sebastian to the canvas.

The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse

Mayhem Brannigan & The Apocalypse def. The Royal Flush

Match Grade: A-

Mayhem Brannigan & The Apocalypse got some serious payback after the assault they suffered from “Classical” Bryan Leo and Main Maxx. The match quickly went south as all four men got outside the ring and took the fight into the crowd. After gaining some momentum (with the help of silver trays and bamboo sticks), Leo and Maxx gained the upper-hand through the interference of John Sebastian and unmasking of Brannigan. The confusion got even worse when a female fan got into the ring and gave Brannigan her signature mask; Imabayashi got involved too, plucking away Sebastian from the insanity. The match continued with The Apocalypse using the steps and a discarded plywood to create a makeshift table, tossing Maxx unto the unprotected concrete floor. Instinct left Mayhem momentarily after the Walker of Truth  jumped from the stairway extension of the arena that took out Leo, Maxx, and a few PWR security personnel and referees. In the end, Mayhem Brannigan and The Apocalypse got the win after hitting both their opponents with backbreaking high-impact body slams. They will enter WRevolutionX with a full steam of momentum and fulfilled vendetta!

Kanto Terror & Mark D. Manalo def. Dual Shock

Match Grade: D-

Mark D. Manalo made Peter Versoza tap. Kanto Terror’s charismatic apprentice stole the show with his energy and Take On Me entrance. That’s about it.

Fighters 4 Hire def. Dual Shock

Match Grade: B

Sandata expressed his utmost displeasure and disgust over his partner tapping out against Manalo’s weak hold. The masked luchador asked Mr. Sy for a rematch. The GM sent in his personal bodyguards, Miguel Rosales and Joey Bax, as their opponents. Unflinching and unmitigated, Fighters 4 Hire summarily disposed of Dual Shock after Sandata was hurled down into the canvas with a thunderous flapjack care of Miguel Rosales. Suffering two shocking defeats in one night should leave Dual Shock zapping their heads for answers.


Chris Panzer almost had the win against The Senyorito

Chris Panzer almost had the win against The Senyorito

“The Senyorito” Jake De Leon def. Chris Panzer

Match Grade: A+

The final match of the night featured “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon and Chris Panzer, and did it deliver. The Senyorito’s offensive style of combining cartwheels and rolling splashes overwhelmed the Leader of the Panzer Army into the corner. Panzer would shake off The Senyorito with his own brand of refined offense and ground counters. In the end, The Senyorito’s RVD-like Rolling Thunder and a costly interference from Ken Warren distracted Panzer, enabling De Leon to secure the 1-2-3 with the Alipin Drop. After the match, Bombay Suarez arrived and shook the hand of his WRevolutionX opponent. Is this a friendly gesture or simply a trap? May 23 will soon be upon us!

Pre WRevolutionX Predictions

Either Bombay Suarez or Jake de Leon will turn heel after WRevolutionX

- Someone will have to show his horns after losing a shot at the PWR Championship. The heel turn of either Bombay Suarez or Jake de Leon will see them rise and ask for a second chance to compete for the title.

Mayhem Brannigan will be unmasked on WRevolutionX

- Mayhem Brannigan stipulated that his match against “Classical” Bryan Leo be an Iron Man match. Brannigan will win, but his endurance won’t, thus leaving Bryan Leo open and expose Brannigan’s true identity to the crowd.

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