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PWR Renaissance: Bryan Leo’s reign as champ is in danger

PWR - Renaissance

Crowbars are not allowed. Poster courtesy of PWR.

Classical Bryan Leo barely scraped a win against Jake De Leon at PWR Live. The flamboyant and cacophonous leader of The Royal Flush might need a new game plan on his upcoming title defense at Renaissance against The Senyorito and PWR’s hard-hitting night stalker, The Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse made his presence felt when he attacked a PWR boot camp challenger, squashed Mark D. Manalo, and left Kanto Terror with a lacerated eye at PWR Live. At the same night Bryan Leo retained his PWR championship with The Senyorito passing out, The Apocalypse jumped into the fray, prolonging the damage caused by the champion and his supremely confident apprentice, John Sebastian. The merciless black juggernaut of PWR punctuated his assault by hoisting the belt in front of PWR fans and its flabbergasted general manager.

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Nobody in their right frame of mind would say NO to a rampaging iron golem. The Apocalypse’s silent scream for a championship match has been heard, and Mr. Sy, who habitually reminds us how he loves watching from any distance, had witnessed how horrifyingly efficient The Apocalypse can be in putting people on the injured list. Philippine Wrestling Revolution might have lost its hot streak if the GM suddenly went missing in action if the championship match had not been made official a few days ago.

The Apocalypse: 1, Mr. Sy: 0.

Bryan Leo will be defending his prized PWR Championship in a three-way dance against old nemesis Jake De Leon and the soulless Apocalypse at PWR Renaissance on September 26 at the Makati Cinema Square.

Will the champ pull off a miraculous escape and retain gold? Will Jake De Leon finally avenge his loss and recapture the stolen flag? Or will we see PWR enter the Dark Age when The Apocalypse stampedes his way to victory and become the new Philippine Wrestling Revolution champion?

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