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VOICE NIGHT OUT: Not Your Usual Night Out

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One of the growing scenes locally is Spoken Word and it has gained popularity over the last couple of years. If you frequent “undiscovered” hipster-kid spots, secret spaces and quaint cafes you’re bound to stumble upon a spoken word show or open mic. This style of poetic performance has grown into a scene largely due to poetry being presented in a more relatable way. The scene has just begun its second coming, and with the community growing exponential, it can be tough to get on on it’s pulse.

Enter VOICE NIGHT OUT by CT/FX Creatives, a Manila-based indie event production company. The show acts as a three-man mixtape, providing, at least in part, a cross-section of the variations in style and spirit that make spoken word so dynamic. This is no classroom session, this is poetry for the Gen-Y set, spoken, rapped, and rhymed with slick and sly turns-of-phrase, vivid imagery, and depths of expression that might lead even the most jaded millennial to drop their phone and just listen.


VOICE NIGHT OUT will feature three of the brightest and talented artists in the scene: Jam Pascual, frontman of the band “Imelda”, Franz Pantaleon, Premiere Spoken Word artist from White Wall Poetry, and Ninno Rodriguez, MC and Rapper with the group “Shadow Moses”.

These three artists vary greatly in style and theme, bringing a kind of diversity and experience unseen in any other spoken word event around. Despite their individual successes, they decided to come together in the hopes of bridging the many gaps between audience tastes and the heights of spoken word.


Aside from our headliners, we will also be graced by the performances of Chris Lina, host and mentalist from BlackArt Productions, as well as Deus Sex Machina, Metro Manila’s first-ever comedic erotica live reading show.

VOICE NIGHT OUT is a show for both the newbies and regulars who may get caught up in it’s stereotypes. Spoken Word is best defined and experienced live and VOICE NIGHT OUT provides a great introduction, or reintroduction, to how broad the art form can be, and also, thanks to its three magnetic leading men, just how appealing.


If you are looking for an alternative to your usual Saturday night out, head on over to Saguijo Bar and Café this Saturday, April 23, 2016. Experience a different kind of high with words and emotions. Who knows? This might even awaken the poet in you.

Learn more at the VOICE NIGHT OUT event page.

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