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Kill la kill the Game: IF – REVIEW – Did not Lose its Way (kinda)


Published by: Arc System Works, PQube
Developed by: APLUS
Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows - Steam
Genre(s): Fighting Game, Arena-battle
Mode(s): Single Player, Multi-player
Game Type: ,
70/ 100

User Rating
1 total rating



Dynamic animations, fast-paced action, Exhilarating battle mechanics, Beautiful Art style, Excellent Voice acting, Amazing Soundtrack


Can get repetitive, Lack of characters and game modes, Lack of alternative costumes, inability to use alternative skins in some game modes.

Posted July 27, 2019 by

Kill la Kill -IF-_20190725184106

Kill la Kill is a Japanese Anime series produced by the studio Trigger that aired on October 4, 2013. A manga adaptation was later produced from the same year and gave the anime an additional episode.

The anime revolves around the female protagonist transfer student Matoi Ryuko who searches for her father’s killer. She ventures Honnouji Academy, a highschool run by the Student Council and is ruled by Kiryuin Satsuki. The students are issued and built upon a special type of uniform called Goku Uniforms. These garments are made out of a special material called Life Fibers that give its users superhuman abilities. Wielding the Scissor Blade, Ryuko battles her way to Satsuki hoping to get some answers regarding her father’s death, her journey progresses and it turns out to be a tough one.

“KILL la KILL The Game: IF” is the first video game adaptation of the franchise that is developed by APLUS and published by Arc System Works and PQube and is released on July 26, 2019. It is an arena battle-action fighting game with the addition of storytelling.

Disclaimer: This review covers only parts not going beyond Episode 1 of Satsuki’s mode to avoid any spoilers. Some parts and aspects of the game are not tackled like: all playable characters, Gallery Assets, story, and further plot progressions, etc.


Kill la Kill -IF-_20190725184229

The game starts with episode 8 “I Will Wipe My Own Tears” in relation with the anime series. However instead of using the main protagonist Ryuko, The first playable character would be in story mode would be Satsuki, showing her point of view. “Episode 1” follows through pretty much what happens in the anime. A tutorial will prompt after Ryuko beats all of the Elite Four and you are now to face her using Satsuki. The story starts to differ little by little after this event in comparison to the anime, hence the “IF” aspect of the game.


Kill la Kill -IF-_20190726192105

Kill la Kill The Game: IF is an arena battle-action fighting game. Popular characters from the anime series can be used in battle with their different abilities. The battle mechanics are simple yet can be complex when it comes to execution and game knowledge or training. There are mainly three types of attack: Short/ Melee, Long-range, and Guard Break. These attacks also have different special attacks each that consumes SP gauges.

Kill la Kill -IF-_20190726194013

The fighting game has different game modes: Story mode, where players are shown a narrative in the form of animations of the plot of the game mixed with the main arena fighting gameplay with iconic matches that involves 1 v 1, 1 against many, horde battles, and so on. Training mode allows players to practice their moves at their heart’s content with the battle mechanic of the game. Horde battle training is also present in this mode.

Kill la Kill -IF-_20190726195704

Survival Mode challenges players to fight continues battles while retaining the same health bar. It is an endless gauntlet that tests the player’s abilities and set a high score. While present in story mode, Horde Battles could also be chosen in survival challenges or training mode and it has different categories as well like time limit, number objective, and endless.

Kill la Kill -IF-_20190726201709


Kill la Kill -IF-_20190725184820

Kill la Kill the Game: IF captured the anime’s art style beautifully. The cutscenes, game model and UI, music and even the voice acting is the literal representation of the animation in video game form. The battle mechanics and controls of the game feel natural and respond quite well, mixing and experimenting with combinations and executing them in combat gives an exhilarating sensation mixed with the mood and aesthetic of the game with cutscenes transitions of attacks and superb music and voice acting.


Kill la Kill -IF-_20190725184524


Coming from both a Kill la Kill and a fighting game fan, I enjoyed the game from what it had to offer. Gameplay-wise, the battle mechanics are fluid and were easy enough to learn and challenging enough to be an expert at. Seeing the visuals executions are always a treat. Kill la Kill the Game: If is a good game but there seems to be a lack of additional content. Both fans and newcomers can enjoy this game for what it is but may feel unfulfilled as well due to the limited options. Overall, the game is good but It could easily be a better game and not lose its way with new game modes and more playable characters, or perhaps the inclusion and translation of the original anime to the story mode option.

[This review was done using a retail copy of the game provided by the publisher]

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