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GAMING PREVIEW: Army Corps of Hell

Army Corps of Hell basically allows you to control a banished overlord of the mortal world and micro-manage his legions of goblins ready to aid you in clever, formation-based combat. Unlike Undead Knights (which you played a cursed knight with the power to transform his fallen nemesis as undead corpses), Army Corps of Hell allows players to come up with unique strategies in overcoming the malevolent challenges that Hell has to offer to our new PS Vita anti-hero.

The man character, according to an earlier post by Gameinformer, is a tyrant whose lust and hunger for power transported him to Hell, greeted by its foul and vicious creatures this side of the underworld.

The anti-hero is flanked by a legion of loyal goblins, which players routinely guide as offensive or defensive specialists trained to protect the main characters against all kinds of serious threats. Players can experiment on various formations – become a Roman warlord by instructing your goblins to form a circle defended by the iron tips of their spears or engineer a scramble attack wherein your goblins will charge in suicidal frenzy.

Speaking of suicide, your goblins are not immortal. You may, however, participate in a mini-game that allows you to regenerate a small chunk of the main character’s health bar should he find himself bruised and cornered by Hell’s ghastly population. Your enslaved goblins is your last resort and saving grace, so keep them healthy and intact all throughout the course of the game.

Army Corps of Hell Receives Early Pricing Update
Report has surfaced (thanks to Andriasang) that Army Corps of Hell can be purchased for the price of “¥4,980 for the game’s package version, and ¥3,990 for the download version.”
The PS Vita has exploded with pre-mature announcements of highly anticipated titles like Gravity Daze and Persona 4: The Golden. Army Corps of Hell sneaks its way as a competitor, painted in HD (Hell Definition).

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