Posted July 22, 2011 by Derek Vicente in Gaming

Freddy Krueger Slashes His Way Into Mortal Kombat’s Expanding, Eclectic Roster

Mortal Kombat is built on the principle of visceral, tongue-in-cheek violence. Decapitation, mutilation, throat slitting, and unmasking one’s face to scald opponent’s until they are reduced to skeletons, MK has ripped open a genre that screeches away from stringing combos to pick up flawless wins. Furthermore, MK’s theatrical climaxes has made it as one of United States’ most observed, socially loathed games of this generation.

Really? Who cares?

What we should be talking about is Freddy Krueger’s unexpected appearance inside gaming’s villa of violence; the stalker of dreams is quite the eccentric choice for Mortal Kombat’s expanding fighters that have developed as the perfect killing machines with a matured brand of cinematic, gut-wrenching finishers.

Additionally, Krueger empowered the slasher genre as a star of Wes Craven’s critically acclaimed Nightmare on Elm Street, in which he revolutionized killing as a disfigured assassin with claws as his weapon of choice. Krueger is also at fault as to why we are being deluged with horrible slasher spin-offs that try desperately to emulate his villainous actions.

Krueger is a DLC character available for 400 Microsoft points or a reasonable $4.99 on the PlayStation Network.

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