Posted February 10, 2015 by Robert Calupitan in Gaming

LIAM NEESON Vows Vengeance in the ‘Clash of Clans’ Super Bowl Spot

Being “Taken” 3 times, Liam Neeson is now one of the most recognized action star of our time and his famous vows always gets us big and sometimes imitate in everyday life. And Liam is taking this to the next level with his new Clash of Clans Super Bowl commercial.

Liam Neeson may be taking the title of the new game Clash of Clans too seriously in this new spot that aired Sunday during the Super Bowl. “I will have my revenge,” the actor vows before picking up his scone in one of the night’s funnier ads.

Clash of Clans is a mobile MMO game where you invade other player’s kingdom by training troops like, Barbarians, Archers, Knights and even Giants Goblins, Dragons. In addition, You collect coins from your spoils of victory. after destroying rival kingdoms.

His user’s name on COG  is “AngryNeisen52″. Better watch out if you decide to attack his clan or he may just extract his revenge on you.

Much like the Pierce Brosnan Kia commercial, this spot trades on the actor’s action star status. In addition to the three Taken films, Neeson has also starred in thrillers like Unknown, The Grey, Non-Stop and the upcoming Run All Night, which opens on March 13.

Robert Calupitan