Posted August 21, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Movies/TV

MARK MILLAR Announces Joe Carnahan as NEMESIS Movie Director

Our bestfriend Mark Millar has announced that director Joe Carnahan will be helming the live action adaptation of  “Nemesis“.

This new development stems from Millar’s recent trip to Los Angeles where he met with various film execs. Carnahan’s name has been attached to the project for some time now so I guess its no secret that this comes to fruition.

For those that haven’t read the book written by Millar with his Civil War artist Steve McNiven is an explosive story following a very simple premise. “What if Batman was the Joker”…

Carnahan’s most recent work was the film “The Grey” which starred Ras Al Ghul Liam Neeson. If you want a “feel” of how his films are made then I suggest you start scouring video stores for a DVD copy of the film.

Earl Maghirang