Posted August 1, 2011 by Norby Ela in Gaming

NEED FOR SPEED THE RUN – In Run to the Hills Gameplay Trailer

In Run to the Hills, not only do you get a taste of some of the different environments you’re going to be racing in but you also get a good idea of what you’ll need to do to keep progressing from San Francsico to New York. As The Run streaks through the hills of Nevada, you find yourself at the heart of the pack. Battling with the unforgiving desert heat and technically demanding terrain, you must do everything you can to fight your way to the front.

With so many racers trying to get to New York before you every second of The Run is going to be a battle!

PLATFORMS: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii, Nintendo 3DS
DATE: November 15, 2011

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