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Winners for Safe House Advance Screening

We now have the winners for the Safe House Advanced Screening. The film stars Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington and is directed by Daniel Espinosa.

Here are the winning entries together with the captions that they provided.

1. Christian Lopez - “The last place to go to to die.”

2. Phoebe Covar – – “SAFE HOUSE – Where even Big Brother can’t see you!!!”

3. Meiwin Cristobal - don’t try this at home!

4. Teenay Tinapay – SAFE HOUSE the lost brother of Safe Guard

5. Rain de Ocampo – SAFEHOUSE: Use a Padlock!

6. Vincent Haoson –  Safe House – It ain’t no safe like a safe house partay!

7. Airra Pingol - Just when you thought your safe… think again.

8. Ria Lumandog – SAFE HOUSE: Trust No One But Yourself

9. Jerico Alfred Sillos – “Duty over safety”

10. dimaks - Hiding is the Worse Option!

11.  Bec San Diego – Dare to hide. Dare to run. Dare to stay alive!

12. Sella Goden – Stay safe. Run when you can.

13. Lawrence Andrew Fernandez – Safehouse: Where Pinoy Action Goons Bring Their Hostages

14. Mark Lagman – Just when you thought it was safe…

Winners will be notified via email for further instructions.

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Of course, this won’t be possible without the help of our friends from Solar Entertainment.

Earl Maghirang