Posted February 9, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Movies/TV

Movie Review: Safe House

Reviewing the film “Safe House” starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington released locally through Solar Entertainment.

The movie tells the story of Matt Weston, a CIA Safe House keeper who is trust into a violent game of life and death when notorious rogue CIA agent Tobin Frost is sent to the safe house. Trouble ensues when the same people that were the reason for Frost’s surrender also show up in the safe house to kill Frost and obtain a file chip that contains every dirty laundry for all known intelligence agency in the world.

The movie has a lot of good points. There’s a bit of intrigue and deception and it certainly blurs the line between what is good and what is evil. For most points, its a serious movie with a lot of grit and action. I’d like to say that the film is composed of around 50% gun fights and explosions with the rest narrative.

Denzel Washington delivers once again with a performance that’s both gripping and very interesting. He plays CIA rogue agent Tobin Frost, a man with a vendetta. You got to hand it to Washington for being both physical and methodical when it comes to his performance here. I’m a bit surprised that the actor even managed to go and beat up a few thugs and exchange gun fire.

His role, is as mentioned earlier, shifts instantaneously which make it a treat to watch him do his thing in the big screen. Denzel also goes from looking like an old man with graying temples to becoming a middle aged man and suddenly picks up a gun and shoots people around the second to the final act of this certified action flick.

There’s one element in the movie totally sets it apart from other action movies and that comes in the form of the cinematography.

The film easily slips from the normal cinematography to the more “experimental” grainy footage. I’m betting this was deliberate but it visually sends signals to your brain that you are really indeed watching a gritty movie about rogue CIA agents, a safe house keeping Green Lantern, Mad Eye Moody working on both sides and T-1000 torturing a helpless Denzel.

Yes you heard it right, aside from starring Hal Jordan himself, there are several important popculture figures in the movie that you might want to take notice. Robert Patrick (most famous for the villain T-1000 in T2) is also in the flick as Daniel Kiefer, a tough-as-nails interrogator. Meanwhile Mad Eye Moody (Brendan Gleeson) is also in the film for Matt’s “supposed” mentor.

Ryan Reynold’s also performs quite well in this movie; a far cry from his take on Green Lantern. Reynolds face not just shows his torment and desperation but also some bits of roguish good looks.

The overall theme of the movie is trust and betrayal. its a good movie but I wouldn’t bet on making it a date movie because of some violent scenes. But still, it’s an interesting take in the whole espionage/ suspense/ action hybrid movies. You wouldn’t want to miss this opening salvo for action movies for 2012.

Of course this wouldn’t be possible if not for the help of our friends from Solar Entertainment. So to them, a big, big THANK YOU.

Earl Maghirang