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Great HALLOWEEN GETUPS for Less Than P200

Sometimes, the scariest thing about a Halloween costume party is how much the costumes cost.

For people who like to have a good time, especially families that have lots of kids who want to look legit spooky or downright scary, spending on something that’s either one-shot or will be used for only a few times then discarded and left for use next year—if ever—money can become the real scare. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Each theme comes in less than P200 and can be used on kids and adults.


Basic White Face aka BWF

Baby powder  1 small bottle
Mena white cream 1-2 pcs
Non-toxic glue stick

1) Run the glue stick a few times across both eyebrows to flatten it. Fan to dry.
2) Use fingers to spread Mena white cream evenly on the face. Put on as much as three smooth layers but no more, eyebrows included. If your neck is exposed, place some  of it there too.
3) Put a single layer of the baby powder across all the Mena  white cream on your face. Best to use a make-up brush or powder puff. If neither are present, a dry cloth or cotton balls will do.
4) You can put on a black outfit, a white dress or a red nightgown, or even plain house clothes, ripped and torn in places, to go with the face. Scare up a storm to compensate if you think your outfit is too plain.

(Makes at least 2-3 faces)


Clown costume
Basic white face
Red lipstick
Eyeliner pencil

1) Follow the steps for BWF, but apply the maximum of 3 layers.
2) Pick a general clown picture online or in a picture and follow the outline of the smile. Sharp angles add a sinister look.
3) Use an eyeliner pencil to make comic eyebrows. Again, sharp angles can turn a relatively “pleasant” clown into a menacing sight.
4) Choose mismatched and colorful items of clothing to wear. You don’t need to buy anything really. If you can borrow a large hat, an old wig, large striped t-shirt, printed baggy pants or even denim jumpers, then go on ahead and create an clown outfit of what’s available.
5) Use the line, “Do you want a balloon? They all float,” for extra giggles.
(Makes up to 2-3 faces)


Red food coloring
Blue food coloring

1) Proceed with BWF. But you can opt to leave this out if you have a fair complexion.
2) In a bowl, mix three to four parts red and one part blue food coloring. This would  make it close  to the color of arterial blood. Six parts red and two parts blue would be closer to dried blood when it settles on the cream or skin.
3) Use the eyedropper, spoon, or fingers to smear the blood across where appropriate. And since it’s non-toxic, you can even gargle and spit some out for that “just-had-someone-for-dinner” look. You can even let the blood drool down your neck for an extra scary effect.
4) If you have an old suit, you can wear that BUT if you don’t want it all red and gory, choose an old white outfit that you are not afraid to soil permanently with food coloring. This would make the red stand out when you dribble “blood”. Long sleeved outfits are great for this. As a last resort, if you really can’t find an outfit to soil, run to the nearest “Ukay-ukay” store and purchase a really cheap and tacky blouse or shirt to wear. Even the P20 items will pass muster for this.

(Makes 2-3 faces)


Medical mask
Red food coloring
Blue food coloring
Eyedropper or teaspoon
Non-toxic liquid glue (optional)
Surgical gloves (optional)

1) As usual,  make the BWF. Only this time, just use a thin layer over the face and apply  from the hands up to whatever skin is exposed.
2) Mix the blood  till you get the desired consistency. In this case, if you want a more wretched look, put a spoonful of the liquid glue and mix well so it dries up like rotten skin  when applied.
3) Apply where it pleases you.
4) If you like, you can even bring a toy knife to walk around with. Splatter blood on your outfit — any white blouse with white skirt or pants will do – and on your gloves if you bought a pair for yourself. Just don’t buy anything expensive. Beg, borrow and steal like the ghoul you are for a more realistic effect.

(Makes 2-3 faces)


mummy costume
Medical gauze 2-3 boxes
Non-toxic liquid glue
Clean water
Coffee powder (optional)
Rolls of tissue paper (optional)


1) Wrap a single layer over any exposed skin, including the face. Make sure to leave the eyes exposed to avoid any accidents caused by reduced vision.
2) Dissolve three parts liquid glue in equal parts water and apply a thin layer on all the gauze. Be sure to avoid getting it on hair as it can be tough to clean. This part is optional and is only used if you want a stiffer and less-likely-to-fall-apart-in-the-middle-of-shambling look.
3) Another layer of gauze if you prefer. Be sure the glue is still a little moist to help it adhere.
4) Dissolve coffee in warm water and make sure to use double the water than the regular coffee serving suggestion.
5) Wet your hands with the coffee and gently pat on the gauze. This is to give it a more decayed look, as we all know mummies don’t stay sparkly white in their tombs.
6) Use a long-sleeved outfit for this: something that you’re willing to soil with blood and coffee. If you want, go shirtless and wrap tissue paper around the rest of your body. Just don’t forget to sprinkle coffee and blood all over.

(Makes 1 face)


These are simple but doable costume ideas that are the absolute basics of any creative process. You can try and mix them up for as many combinations as your imagination limits you. It’s time to throw away the need to spend so much money when creating and get back to basics: we’re here to scare with our looks, not with our receipts.

Myra Butac